So, you may be aware that I have a ton of hair (on my head). While most of the time it seems to be under control… that doesn’t happen without a little bit of struggle. My hair is naturally wavy/curly.  I am not lucky enough to be able to just flip my head upside and blow it straight with a few strokes of the old hair brush. Getting my coif sleek and straight is a bit of  workout.

Last week, while popping in to say “hello” to my new friends at Neihule Salon, I asked for a recommendation of a great straightening product for blowing my hair straight. The lovely Megan walked me right over to the Loreal Texture Expert Fluid Intense Straightening Serum. She informed me that this was what all the stylists at the salon were using for blowouts and that this product was especially good for the long term health of my hair. Seeing as I could have played the lead in Tangled, I was happy to know this would protect and maintain my long locks. I went ahead and purchased the product and headed home to test it out.

Loreal Texture Expert Fluid Intense Straightening Serum, $24

After shampooing and conditioning, I applied the serum and was happy to see my hair already starting to behave after brushing it through. I blew my hair dry as usual and noticed that I only had to spend half as much time straightening any rogue waves or frizz with the flat iron (also a bonus for the health of my strands). Needless to say, I was very happy with my silky, slinky straight hair when finished. It also helped keep my  hair straight for a couple of days after, which always makes me very happy.