We are constantly bombarded with things we don’t need. People are making millions and millions of dollars inventing items that we never knew we wanted until they put together an informercial and we were awake way too late one night. Now we have a closet full of As Seen On TV products.

Well, here are few more that you’re definitely going to want. Enjoy.

There is something concerning about the fact that this item seems to be targeted solely at big breasted women and children. How is it that you plan on explaining to your child what exactly is meant by “Tiddy”? Let me know how that conversation goes. And really, who is driving that aggressively that their seatbelt is causing such severe pain? Perhaps enrolling in driving school would be more helpful?

I mean, I don’t even know what to say about this. I felt uncomfortable even watching. This makes the Shake Weight seem tame. Please, if you DO buy this, send me the footage of your co-workers’ reactions as you girate beneath your desk. Thank you.

I think my favorite part of this one is when they go ahead and call in the 800lb grizzly bear. (They also make a note not to “try this at home.” Right… cause we all have access to grizzly bears). I mean, I know there are some sneaky people in offices who steal your food even after you’ve bedazzled your tupperware with your initials, but COME ON.

Happy Saturday.