Seeing as my posts have gotten a little sparse in the past week, I bet you’re wondering what’s going on. Well, there comes a time in a young lady’s life where she has to suck it up and collect a grown up paycheck (and pay for her own Louboutins- sigh). So, that’s what WhyDid has gone and done. I will now be working normal hours like the majority of society. It was a super fun year long “vacation” but certainly time to reconvene with my working world women.

That being said, getting a job in this skank economy is no small feat. That’s why it is very important to be the best you can be when it comes to interview time. If you are lucky enough to actually score the interview (the hardest part of actually getting a job), then you’re going to have to make a serious first impression. There used to be wardrobe “guidelines” when it came to what was and was not appropriate interview attire, but I find them to be a bit dated.

Not all careers require the same look. If you were to walk into an interview at a major fashion house wearing a “suit” they would laugh you right out the front door. You have to keep in mind the type of office and industry you are entering. Don’t look too corporate for jobs that require creativity. Don’t show up to an accounting firm wearing a super short pencil skirt. Use common sense when it comes to preparing for your meeting. If you are unsure, it’s always best to skew to a little more conservative. After surveying the office, you will soon learn what the dress code is.

I remember what I wore to my interview at Henri Bendel three years ago. When I look back at that and compare it to the way I dressed for work there two and a half years later, it’s a complete 180.

A few things that you should ALWAYS do:

  • Have your fingers manicured. You don’t need to go crazy and have some obnoxious color/design, but be sure that your fingers are polished and pretty. Dirty or chipped nails never look good.
  • Do not load on the makeup. You want the interviewer to see you not eighteen pounds of makeup.
  • Try to keep your hair pulled back or at least out of your face. Not only will this make you appear well groomed, it will also prevent you from fidgeting with it during your interview.
  • In most instances, avoid sandals or super open toed footwear. This gives the impression of being casual and is typically not work appropriate. I like to always wear heels because it gives the impression that you are strong and powerful.
  • Be sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. If you are uncomfortable in your outfit, it will come across during your interview. Simple is always best.

Below are some ideas for creative ways to still look professional. I’ve put them in order of most conservative to least (use your noggin when choosing a look for yourself).

Picture 9

Picture 8Picture 12Picture 11Picture 10


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Ugh. I forgot how tiring it is to work a 50+ hour workweek. They tell you it’s going to be a 9-6, but that’s never the case. Once I re-adjust to adulthood, the regularly scheduled WhyDid program will be back on track.