DSCF0324Weston speed bumpsm

And the lists just keep on coming…

  1. Apartments with windows looking directly into other people’s windows. No sir, I do not want to see your naked bod.
  2. Overpaid frauds. Wait, what? How did you get this job?
  3. Announcing you’re location via Facebook. If you have to tell us you’re “at Soho House” I’m likely to believe you don’t get to go there often. This is Facebook, not Foursquare.
  4. The city of Vernon, CA.
  5. Oversharing. Don’t forget, “Less is more.”
  6. Tattletales.
  7. Shoes that are too big. You look like a little girl dressing up in mom’s clothes. photo
  8. Glamour’s 20 Sexiest Men. Um, who are these people in the top 5?
  9. Rachel Zoe.
  10. Time differences.