Another week, another list. Let’s go.

  1. People who put “haha” after their own jokes. If you have to laugh at your own joke, you already know it’s not funny.
  2. White people using “holla.” The only type of “holla” we know about should be “challah French toast.”
  3. Boys over the age of 22 with roommates.
  4. Ex’s.
  5. Day old sushi.
  6. Search helicopters in my backyard. I’m trying to sleep, thanks. Wasn’t looking to be on an episode of COPS tonight.
  7. Jennifer Anniston. How is it possible that she’s still making headlines? Hasn’t been in a good movie in ages and last time I checked, she and Brad were no longer together.
  8. Buffets.
  9. The Teen Choice Awards. I mean, there’s a reason you have to be 18 to vote. You guys clearly have no taste in movies… ahem, Valentine’s Day.
  10. Sunglasses clipped to your shirt at night. It’s dark out. I thought we talked about this. Sigh.

Have a great weekend.