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One of the only things I hate as much as leggings worn as pants is moving and apartment hunting. Luckily for me, I spent the entire weekend searching for a new home for me and the pooch. It was a daunting task for sure and I would have much rather spent my time poolside (cocktail in hand. obv), but I suppose this is one of life’s necessary evils.

But alas, it was not a complete and utter loss. One amazing thing that came out of this weekend’s hunt was stumbling upon Cole’s French Dip. After receiving a history lesson from one of the building’s leasing agents, I headed over to check out this so called “originator of the French Dip.”  Apparently, Cole’s is Los Angeles’s oldest public houses (dating back to 1908). It was recently renovated to reflect its heritage including the original bar.

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The menu is pretty straightforward as you can imagine. You obviously should go ahead and order the French dip. You can get beef, turkey, or pastrami and can add several different cheeses to jazz it up. This is all well and good, but you better save room for dessert. The chocolate pie is hands down the BEST thing I have ever put in my mouth. I would have eaten an entire pie MYSELF.


This is a definite must try if you are in downtown LA. I know this is short, but there are really only two things on the menu worth eating.

Happy dipping.