I can’t lie, I actually forgot today was Friday and time for “the list.” That’s because I’ve been living in a love filled bubble complete with furry white cats and dogs. Take a sigh of relief, I still have plenty of things to compile into this week’s list.

  1. Um, Lindsay Lohan’s “jail sentence.” She’s like my dog. Never gets in trouble. Sigh.
  2. Life in a Bikini. WTF is this? I see billboards for it everywhere. At first glance I liked the name of it, cause you know how I feel about bikinis, but upon further investigation, it sounds like a bowl of crock. IMG00317-20100729-1953
  3. Malls.
  4. Kitten heels. And just ugly heels in general. Five inches or bust, ladies.
  5. Sun umbrellas. Sumbrellas. I believe they were parasols at some point in time. IMG00027-20100625-1118
  6. People who can’t take a hint. What must I do to make things clear?
  7. Leggings in disguise. While, having a built in crotch cover is clever… you’re still not fooling anyone. IMG00064-20100702-1301
  8. The Jersey Shore. I can’t believe we are paying these people’s salaries.
  9. Fish oil burps.
  10. The Real Housewives of DC. Might be the worst cast yet!!

See, even when WhyDid’s wearing her rose colored glasses, she still sees the ugly and annoying.