As the weather shifts from warm and balmy to brisk and cool, it’s time to reorganize and re-evaluate. Not only am I talking about your wardrobe, but also your life. I’ve talked many times about cleaning out your closet, but there is another type of cleanse that is vital to one’s well being. No, I am not talking about the Blue Print Cleanse, I mean the social cleanse.

It seems we hold onto some relationships like we do that pilling cashmere sweater from Bendel’s. Why, oh, why can we not bear to part with it? You sure as hell aren’t going to be caught out in public wearing that raggedy sweater, so why would you want to be out in public with some of your relationships?

  1. Case of the ex: Sometimes we are lucky enough to remain friendly with our ex’s. However, this is few and far between. One of the parties is always still interested (or hopeful) in something else happening besides friendship. If you’d like to move forward in the dating arena, it’s time to cut ties with that pesky ex. Next!
  2. Frenemies: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. EHHHH. Don’t keep anyone evil near you. What’s the point? When you allow bad people (energy) around you, all you’re going to do is attract more. Who needs a “friend” that isn’t really your friend? Nobody!
  3. Drama llamas: Yes, Sally is funny and always down for a good time, but it seems that EVERY single time you go somewhere, some type of drama ensues. We are not in an installment of Sweet Valley High. No need for the added stress in your life. Next time Sally calls to hang out, politely decline.
  4. Needy Petey: I don’t know about you, but I stopped babysitting when I was 15. So, if I need to babysit my friends when we are out and about, I better be making $10/hr.
  5. Tick Tock tag-a-longs: Do you have a friend who you merely keep around just because you’re bored and need someone to fill the time? When everyone else is busy, is this the person you call? Not only is that mean to your “pal” it’s also mean to yourself. Why not spend some quiet time with yourself? Instead of wasting your time with someone you feel “so-so” about, spend that time on yourself- perhaps getting a manicure or reading a good book.
  6. Moochey Moochey coo: What about your “friend” who never has cash on them? Or always just so happens to forget their wallet? Do they always say, “I’ll get you next time” yet you’re still waiting on “next time”? It’s time to cut your moocher friend loose. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Once you make room in your life for more positive people, they will suddenly show up (if you build it, they will come). Suddenly, your social calendar will be full, you popular girl, you.