Do you remember playing peek-a-boo as a child? Oh, the olden days. When things were so much simpler and there was far less bullshit to deal with on a day to day basis. Sigh. Well, I’ve been channeling my inner five year old and decided that playing a little game of peek-a-boo with your clothing isn’t such a bad idea. I love unexpected sexy, but please take this one with caution and follow my suggestions explicitly. This is something that can go terribly awry and have you looking like a Jersey Shore reject if executed improperly. I’m loving sheer slouchy see through t’s as a comfy, yet sexy top with jeans. The trick is to pair it with a cropped cami or matching (tonal) bralette and keep it covered up on the bottom half.

Picture 1Co-op Barney’s New York sheer T-shirt, $118

Picture 1Alternative Apparel Sheer Silk Scoopneck T, $50

Picture 2Kain Modal/Silk Sheer Tee, $88

GYPS-WS46_V1GYPSY 05 Angali Circle V Tee, $143

32502-2T32 Flavors by YFB oversized drape T, $70

serve.aspAmerican Apparel see thru short sleeve T, $26

And my shining take on the look:





So don’t be afraid to give a little peek, but don’t give it all away like a live peep show.