Today I was sent this little number. They are called Fundies. Fundies are underwear for you AND a friend! Makes perfect sense, no? I mean, why wouldn’t you want to share something so intimate with someone so intimately?

I would assume that it’s safe to say these are a “gag” gift (and no, not cause they make me want to gag), but it got me to thinking. Some things in life are really not meant to be shared.  I know in kindergarten we are taught to share and play nice and not to run with scissors, but it looks like we may need a refresher course. I think everyone is clear on the obvious things not to share like your toothbrush or mascara, but what about the far too often “over share”?

They say that French women are so sexy because they maintain a mystique about them. We as Americans, tend to overshare on a daily basis whether it be via social media or just chatting with friends. So, I think there are a few things we need to learn to keep to ourselves.

  • Sexual history. No one really needs to know this. It won’t change anything and there is never a right answer.
  • Mental history. We all go through some things, but try not to pop your prescription drugs in public.
  • Your opinion on someone else’s life. Whether it be her boyfriend, her career choices, or what she wore, sometimes, your opinion is totally unnecessary and is best to keep your mouth shut.
  • Family secrets. No one needs to know how dysfunctional your family is or what a bitch your mother is. Our families are all creepy too.
  • Gossip. When you gossip about others, it’s only logical for people to think you gossip about them too. A reputation as a gossip is never attractive.

So next time you feel the onslaught of a little verbal diarrhea, go ahead and picture those Fundies and ask yourself, “Would I want to share this?”