I nearly had to make a top 20 list this week seeing as I had already filled eight of ten spots by Tuesday. But alas, here is the abridged version:

  1. Feet on the window or dashboard while in an automobile. Really?BF0018-001
  2. Denim cut offs to the knee. All I want to do is hand you a Bud Light in a coozie. who told you this was cute, let alone flattering?Isabel-Lucas-diesel-jeans-cut-off-shorts-JT-1mary-kate-olsen-boyfriends-house-03
  3. People who come up and touch my dog without asking and without ever acknowleding my presence. Hi.
  4. People who bark at my dog. That’s just weird. Do you speak dog? **sidenote: my ex once barked at a man who was chatting me up when he came back from the bathroom. That was pretty funny (but also weird).
  5. Long natural nails. fake nails are gross, but these are grosser. I want to call the health dept.longnails
  6. Belly button jewelry. Time to move on, people. This was cool when Britney was relevant.
  7. Girls who ‘whooo.’ I’m talking to you, Bachelorette Ali.
  8. Inane Facebook status updates. I don’t need to know that you’re tired, you stubbed your toe, or you need more coffee. Unless you’re sharing a cappuccino with Jay-Z, Jigga Man, himself, don’t bother updating us.
  9. People who think they are famous. You’re not. It’s cool, I’m not either. Nor is the majority of the population.
  10. Smiley faces made like this =) It is a colon : not an equal sign =

ugh. Life’s hard. Have a good weekend.