Yes, it is my birthday (hope you got your shopping done early, folks).  I’ve even changed out of my typical grey/black uniform and am sporting a little hot pink number for this very occassion.  My fingers will soon be tired from opening all of my gifts, but my gift to you are some fun facts about WhyDid.

So while we nibble on cupcakes and dance on tables at Red Velvet enjoy these tasty tidbits about the lady behind the blog.

  1. I can’t whistle. I’ve never mastered the skill and have made it thus far without it.
  2. My favorite animal is a giraffe. Long legs, long necks, killer lashes, and they don’t bother anyone.
  3. I’m slightly narcoleptic. I’ve fallen asleep in Vegas… twice. I can basically sleep anywhere.
  4. I have a tattoo, but I won’t tell you where. (Sorry, Dad!!). It may or may not be the world’s smallest, btw.
  5. I think it’s easier to kiss boys I don’t like than the ones I do.
  6. I’ve been trying to learn French for the last year and a half (even though I took it in highschool and college) and plan on treating myself to a trip to Paris when I finally do.
  7. My first “adult purchase” was a pair of black Christian Louboutin pumps.  I live around the corner and aspire to own a pair in every color.
  8. I have a reverse birthmark on my neck. (Meaning it lacks pigment altogether and never ever gets tan).
  9. I think my dog is really just a hairy little person and I tell him as much. I just wish he could talk back.
  10. I got an “A” in Economics in college and nearly failed sewing.
  11. I have a school girl crush on Joel McHale.
  12. I’m totally superstitious. You won’t catch me walking under ladders or stepping on any cracks.
  13. I love pineapple. I have eaten so much in one sitting that I couldn’t feel my tongue.
  14. If I find something I like, I buy it in every color.
  15. I love costumes and props and think that theme parties are highly underrated.
  16. I buy myself flowers. Why bother waiting for someone else? (Though I appreciate when they do).
  17. My nails are chipped 98% of the time.
  18. I can’t stand when people take themselves too seriously. No one is that cool, I promise. (Play my reindeer games).
  19. Most of my favorite articles of clothing are from my mom’s archives.
  20. My parents thought I was going to be an architect because I used to draw floor plans as a child.
  21. I’m tone deaf and wish nothing more than to be able to carry a tune.
  22. I hate violence. It scares the living daylights out of me. So don’t bother inviting me to a boxing match, hockey game, or violent movie. I won’t go.
  23. I’m a complete and utter hopeless romantic and believe in fairytale endings.
  24. I say my prayers at night and take my vitamins in the morning.
  25. I have an amazing family and some of the best (not to mention beautiful) friends in the world and not one day goes by that I take them for granted. I’m a lucky girl.
  26. I share my birthday with one of my best friends and at times believe we may have been separated at birth. (Happy Birthday, PinkyToe!)
  27. There are very few things that annoy me more than leggings worn as pants.

Happy Birthday to me!