pissed-off-woman1So, Kingsley did it. I’ve done it before. Today, I will do it again. Just a few things that annoyed me this week.
  1. Kate Gosselin’s weave.
  2. Volcanoes. I mean, really? We have things to do and you’re totes effing up our sched.
  3. Bathroom attendants. I don’t need your help pumping the soap and no, you don’t deserve a dollar for it.
  4. Molly Sims. No reason necessary.
  5. People who talk to me when I’ve clearly got headphones on. I’m obvi trying to avoid all communication with you. Get it?
  6. iPads. Still don’t get it.
  7. The Millionaire Matchmaker reunion show. Reunion shows are bullshit.
  8. Cellulite. I wanna know the male equivalent. Balding?
  9. SJP’s Vogue cover. Why does she look 24? She’s 40+ and we know it.
  10. Shrimp.

Okay, that’s all… for this week.