Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (obvi), so I try to never skip it. It cranks up your metabolism for the day and keeps you focused until lunch. However, I’m sometimes in such a rush in the morning that it seems like a hassle. That’s when I decided it would be easier for me to just “drink” my breakfast. Why not drink some Ensure? Oh… because I Regina George’d myself. (Remember when she eats all those “health” bars and gets fat?). Yep! I got fattish.

Thankfully, one of my bff’s stepped in and saved me. She sent me the recipes below for a healthy drinkable breakfast… or lunch… or dinner:

All use whey protein,I like vanilla but you can use chocolate too.

1 banana (good for getting rid of extra fluid intake)
A spoonful of almond butter or organic peanut butter
Crushed almonds
Whey powder
Cup of skim milk and ice

Whey protein
1 banana
Flax seed
Cup of frozen blueberries
Cup of strawberries
I even add a handful of spinach…you can’t taste it and its good for you.

Those are my standard smoothies…you can add any of your fav fruits to the second. Even add pineapple. Get crazy.

So I started drinking these basically every day for breakfast and I’m not fat. Phew! When picking out the whey protein, make sure it has little sugar, few carbs, and low calories. I just asked the guy at GNC which one wasn’t going to make me fat.

So grab your blender and a straw. Happy sipping!