This Little Piggy

This week this little piggy didn’t go to the market, but this little piggy did have one heck of a sandwich. About six weeks ago the owners of Artichoke Basille opened This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef and I’ve been dying to try it ever since I caught wind of it. So, this little piggy set out on an epic journey from Murray Hill to my favorite ‘hood in Manhattan, the East Village, in order to finally try one of their roast beef sandwiches.

I walk in and the owner is behind the counter serving the sandwiches to customers himself (love it). I checked out the menu and saw that I had three options: “This Way” (roast beef au jus on an egg roll with Cheez Whiz), “That Way” (roast beef with mozzarella, onions, and gravy on half a hero), and “The Other Thing” which had pastrami versus roast beef. I OBVIOUSLY opted for the “This Way” with a side of fries. How could I not go for the one with Cheez Whiz on it? I mean, really, people.

This Way

I must admit that I am glad that I set out on this  journey for roast beef while I was nursing my St. Patty’s Day hangover because it is most definitely great hangover food. This is a mighty tasty sandwich with or without a hangover. It definitely hit the spot. I have to also admit that I’m very glad that I walked 1.5 miles to get there and 1.5 miles back because this little piggy felt like she needed to hit the gym afterwards.  Although, I may or may not have made a stop at Momofuku Milk Bar for a cookie on my way back… I have no willpower, I know.


If you’re not in the mood for their awesome hand cut fries then they also have homemade macaroni salad and homemade potato salad which I will definitely make a point to try upon my next visit.

This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef made me miss the East Village even more than usual and is definitely a place I will stop in again when this little piggy is in need of a little roast beef comfort.

All in all I give This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef 4 out of 5 mouths for being melt in your mouth tasty and for making me crave a roast beef sandwich even without a hangover.


See you next Munchin’ Monday!