Why Did You Wear That: Shoe Fly, Don’t Bother Me.

With this sudden beautiful spring weather, I woke up this morning with all intentions of bringing you a bunch of fabulous footwear… you know, sex on stilettos. However, while perusing the web in search of some lovelies, I was horrified to see some of the monstrosities being offered instead. Here’s a few of the best of the worst:

0469624646702R_300x400Chle Mihara Platform Wedge Sandal, $395

0445246523386R_300x400Fendi Cinderella Runway Platform Sandals, $1,140

0448821232048R_300x400Jimmy Choo Denim Wedge Sandals, $445

0441937479468R_300x400Maison Martin Margiela Wedge Sandals, $1,245

0468237204859R_300x400Prada Studded Plex Clogs, $850

0441944763871R_300x400Comme des Garconnes Comme Comme Maryjane Flats, $715

0469648344561R_300x400MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Thong Open Toe Boots, $380

0469643045333R_CGOLD_300x400Marc by Marc Jacobs Crisscross Ankle Wrap Sandals, $395

0441941696370R_300x400Ann Demeulemeester Gladiator Sandals, $975

So there you have it. Never knew I could be so offended by footwear. Feel free to purchase these shoes, I’ve included the links… but I’m not sitting with you.



2 Comments on Why Did You Wear That: Shoe Fly, Don’t Bother Me.

  1. sworlz
    March 21, 2010 at 2:10 pm (6 years ago)

    wow, this really blow. check out plvstudio.com- should be some nice stuff there!

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  1. […] Didn’t think so. The only time I can think these might even be useful are while running home after a pedicure so as not to smudge those freshly lacquered tootsies. But then again… I’D JUST WEAR FLIP FLOPS.  Too cold for flip flops? Then WEAR SHOES. Real shoes. Not these hybrid foot freakshows. (Pretty sure a similar pair made my frightening footwear roundup). […]

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