nothing to wear

Last night a designer saved my life… (okay, two nights ago), but you get my reference to the Mariah Carey song in the oh-so magical “Glitter” right?

Anyway, as you should be well aware, Wednesday was the anniversary of my birth. In true WhyDid form, I decided I hated what I was planning on wearing that evening approximately two hours before we were supposed to be at Allen and Delancey for dinner.   My bff turned ghost white, we’re talking Casper here, when I informed her that I just couldn’t go and we should just cancel.  After digging through my archives and coming up empty handed, a lightbulb went off in this pretty little head of mine.

Kimberly Taylor!!! We threw on our boots (sans socks) and hauled over to her Meatpacking store.  Within 15 minutes, I emerged from the store victoriously with neon green shopping bag in hand.  I’d scored myself an amazing and somehow sexy black silk romper.  Bff breathed a sigh of relief and commented how impressed she was with the ability to not only come up with a new outfit so quickly, but a great outfit at that.  I threw that sucker on with black seamed stockings and sky high heels and off we went to enjoy the night.

How did I know about this little gem?  Well, actually, it was during another crisis.  When I had tried to “Rent the Runway” for my upcoming birthday party, I was unable to reserve anything in my size. Apparently, I’m not the only one planning on partying this evening.  I had walked by Kimberly Taylor several times while going to and from various locations.  I finally went in and found an amazing dress that didn’t completely drain my bank account.

Who is this so called Kimberly Taylor, you ask? Well, she’s a young (by young I mean 24) designer who has a knack for color and simple sexy silhouettes.  There aren’t many stores where you could walk in and out fifteen minutes later feeling fully satisfied. Whether you’re looking for a sexy date top or a flirty frock, you can find it here.

Kimberly Taylor

400 W 14th Street

New York, NY 10014



Kimberly Taylor Long Sleeve Romper, $225

kt dress

Kimberly Taylor Cutout Dress, $250