As I’ve mentioned before, winter is the perfect time for coupling up.  So I have decided to go ahead and make it that much easier for you to find your very own snow bunny.  I, myself, had forgotten how hilarious and ridiculous the dating scene is.  I will refrain from going into detail to save myself and respective parties from any further embarrassment. Anyway, below are some good cold weather dating activities along with the appropriate attire for each (obviously).

Gliding right along- Ice skating followed by some yummy hot chocolate really can’t go wrong (unless, of course, you break your leg). You can basically find an ice skating rink in most cities (barring you live in Hawaii- and then you’re just out of luck).  Make a plan to rent skates and glide (or tumble) around the rink together.  It’s always good to participate in a physical activity with a date (gets those endorphins going), it gives you a good reason to hold hands, plus it’s the perfect excuse to wear earmuffs. Enough said.  Don’t forget to bundle up. This is one of the times leggings are fully appropriate (as long as your cha cha is covered). American Apparel makes a great “winter weight” legging that is extra warm. Make sure to get some fun (warm) socks, festive scarf and fingerless gloves to accessorize.

product_thumb.phpWhite Fox Fur Earmuffs, $49.95

(**NOTE- these are the earmuffs that led me to find Fur World)

Game Night- Seriously, my friends probably want to tell me to shut up since I suggest this every chance I get. Yes, I love to play games. I think there is something incredibly sexy about people using their brains and competing (all in good fun) against each other. Plus, you will find out early on if he’s a “cheater.” Incorporate delicious warm drinks and snacks and it’s a perfect evening. Also good for group dates or introducing mutual friends in a non-awkward manner. We once stumbled upon a couple playing dirty Scrabble, it was so good we had to snap a photo. Much harder than it looks, btw. For a night like this, look casually comfortable, yet pulled together in skinny jeans and a soft form fitting sweater. Be sure to wear cute socks since you will probably be playing in someone’s home and some people are lunatics when it comes to footwear in the home.


Nothing hotter than some salsa- Salsa dancing, that is. It may be freezing, but you can work up a sweat taking some sexy dance classes with your date. Trick yourself into thinking you are south of the border while dancing the night away to salsa music. After your lesson, test out your new-found skills at a local salsa club with some margaritas. Strap on a swingy skirt or dress and don’t forget to tuck your heels into your bag so you can switch out of your snow boots.

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Pick your poison- Go wine tasting! What’s cozier than sipping on Pinot Noir and learning about different types of wine (pardon my lack of wine knowledge- obv, no one has bothered taking me on this educational journey)? Get a driver and visit different local wineries. Purchase your favorite bottle as memorabilia (or just pop the top on the way home). For this, I recommend wearing some type of footwear that will prevent you from breaking your neck should you taste too many wines and become a bit tipsy.

For you singles, perhaps these date ideas will help you secure some NYE arm candy. Happy dating!