So you guys were pretty obsessed with Bump-Its, but apparently, you were really obsessed with Kamelflage.


Well, good news. I’m going to blog about it again.  The ladies of Kamelflage have re-branded and are now going by the name of “CamelAmmo.” Yes, I’m for serious. No, I don’t know how they keep coming up with these names. I would like to think that it was after a few too many glasses of rose, but I think we’ll have to ask them about it.

CamelAmmo is patent pending and is intended for fighting the “frontal wedgie.” These little panty partners are to be inserted in the front lining of your undies, like so:


Now, the ladies of CamelAmmo insist that now you can “size down” but I still stand firm that if you are getting wrinkles in the crotch or any other area, you’re in the wrong size. I had a wonderful sewing teacher in college (yes, I was required to complete an entire course on learning to sew) who always said, “Wrinkles point to the problem area.” Words to live by, ladies.

I personally, have not tried these little guys out, so I’m not sure how effective they are, but I think in the case of leggings, which by the way, still are not pants, they could be pretty helpful.  Hey, Miss Marshall, these might be a good investment for you.

You can now visit their website ( and purchase your very own CamelAmmo.