Beauty Buzz: Bump Up the Volume

Okay, so this product kills me- in a good way.  We were watching TV a few weeks ago when this commercial came on and my boyfriend said, “Babe, that’s just like you!”  I burst into laughter because he was totally right.

The product is called “Bump Its”and they are used to give you a nice big bouffant.  I didn’t realize there was really a market for this kind of product.  I honestly thought me and my bff who now lives in LA but grew up with me, were the only people on the planet who actually did this to our heads.  Now granted, I am from the south and have been sporting this look since I could use a comb, but it still cracks me up.


This is a picture from their website with the “Bump It” in place. You can get your very own “Bump Its” for $19.99 or you could always just do it the good ol fashion way- with a comb and some hairspray.



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