As I made my way to the dentist today, yes, the dentist, I realized I have been neglecting a huge sub category of fashion.  Some of the craziest people/outfits I have ever seen have been on the train.  (Don’t worry Mom and Dad-it’s totally safe).  For instance, today, I sat down next to a woman who literally had the LONGEST fingernails I have ever seen in my life.  They weren’t acrylic nails either.  They were au naturale. Creepy!  I finally have figured out how to take photos on my phone without the flash going off, but in this particular instance, I was actually scared.

Anyway, it is now my plan to get lots of hilarious color from the commuter population. They are easy targets too, cause they are stuck underground with me for at least a good five minutes…

On another note, I know people generally hate the dentist, but I seriously went to the best most capable dentist today.  It’s always a gamble when picking doctors/dentists/ob-gyns in NYC, so a good referral is always appreciated.  Dr. Ladani at Central Park Dentistry (yes, it’s ALL the way up town) was amazing. So next time you are due for a good teeth cleaning give him a call- 212-678-1144.  Your teeth are just as important as your shoes, you know.  Nobody likes a snaggle tooth.