Setting the Mood: Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake

By |January 20th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

birthday inspiration boardI love birthdays.  Sure, we share our birthdays with approximately 19 million other people (except for you leap year babies, you’re special), but it certainly is nice to have a day dedicated especially to you.  This is a great time to kick up your heels and get wild with a raucous crew or take a personal day to pamper yourself and maybe spend some time alone.  Whatever your cup of tea may be, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating yourself– just not in a Stassi Schroeder type of way.  I suggest spending at least fifteen minutes of completely quiet time reflecting on your year and being thankful for making it through.  Then pop open a bottle of champagne and do whatever the hell you want… it’s your birthday afterall!  In case you haven’t guessed, today is my special day and in case it slipped your mind and you forgot to purchase something sweet for me, you really can’t go wrong with anything cashmere, diamond clad or lacy… I won’t even be mad it’s late.


Diane Kordas Heartbeat 18kt Rose Gold Diamond NecklaceSaint Laurent Signature Rangers Studded Leather Boots,Donna Karan Oversized Wool and Cashmere Blend Pajama TopDolce & Gabbana Glam Floral Brocade Shoulder BagMimi Holiday by Damaris Bisou Bisou Azure Satin and Lace Bodysuit

Happy birthday to the other 18,999,999 January 20th babies.



The List Volume LXXIX

By |July 6th, 2012|The List|

my friend told me i was delusionalAlright, so, I do think these e-cards have gotten a bit (by “a bit” I mean “completely”) excessive, but when I saw this one the other day, I couldn’t help but laugh… and then realize it could have been tailor made for me.  If only I had a unicorn…

sad unicorn


  1. Leaving my ID in the copier at FedEx.  Score for the 19 year old 5’7 blonde who found it.  Enjoy the Amaretto sours.
  2. The insane heatwave that’s happening here in New York.  Every day I wake up thinking there is NO WAY it could be hotter.  Spoiler alert: it is.
  3. Hair in the drain.  I mean, I know it’s mine, but…
  4. The last few times I have gone to Starbucks I merely ordered iced coffee.  They forgot it.  They did not, however, forget the gentleman behind me’s iced skim double shot hold the water two pumps of vanilla I’ve stopped listening ’cause you’re too high maintenance frappuccino.
  5. Delusional people.

whydid unicorn

  1. Having the most ridiculous dreams for yourself and actually saying them out loud (try it).
  2. Black diamond studs.
  3. The Sultra Bombshell.  My girlfriends have been raving and now I see why.
  4. Fun fact: sometimes I walk around the city with no actual destination and listen to my iPod pretending it’s my personal movie soundtrack.
  5. Delusional people.

May your weekend be full of glitter, unicorns, and giggles.  Now, if you don’t mind, my unicorn is thirsty.  It’s hot out here.



WhyDid Wisdom: There Will Be Unicorns

By |February 2nd, 2012|WhyDid Wisdom|

Hamlet and Ophelia

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”  – Hamlet Act III, scene III

You’ve probably heard this quote before… or maybe even even (mis)quoted it yourself.  But what does it really mean?  When this phrase is uttered (incorrectly or not), it is meant to say that one is so adamantly opposed to the “charge”, that one’s objection may indicate the exact opposite.

Have you ever caught someone in the midst of a lie and when you question that person, the alibi is so airtight that it’s almost too perfect?  There is such an elaborate excuse that you can tell it’s been pre-meditated?  Right around that time is when your antennae should go up and your brow should furrow.  Talk about a red flag.  The party in question is basically giving him/herself away.

It’s like when my dog (Smitty) pees on something.  He gets all worked up and it’s a dead giveaway.  Guilty as charged… hence another popular phrase, “Guilty dog barks the loudest.”

May seem like a straightforward explanation, but protest can also take the form of boasting or bragging.  As we all know (or at least should), boastfulness most times stems from deep insecurity.  Those who paint the prettiest pictures are usually the ones with the most to hide.

When I scroll through my Facebook feed and see people leaving elaborate status updates about how great life is or how much they are “over it” or how in love they are with his/her boyfriend/girlfriend, I feel really embarrassed for those individuals.  Partly because I’ve definitely been guilty of doing it before… so I can spot it from a mile away.  Here’s the thing, people who are living really fabulous lives are out doing just that… living their fabulous lives.  Not updating their Facebook pages.  People who are deeply in love with someone don’t have to broadcast it.  People who are over it… are over it.

So, next time you’re feeling bummed cause you see that everyone is out popping bottles alongside Jay-Z at the hottest club on the planet and there are models and unicorns- UNICORNS- there, just chuckle to yourself knowing that this is really code for sitting home alone watching Golden Girls with a quart of Haagen Dazs and there’s probably a cat involved… not that there’s anything wrong with that either.

The rest is silence.



Look for Less: xxxo, WhyDid

By |August 11th, 2010|Look for Less, Why Did You Wear That?|

Picture 2

I love, love, love M.I.A.’s new video for xxxo. I mean, the entire thing is aesthetically pleasing, but I can’t decide if it’s how amazing she looks. the swans, leopards, or the UNICORNS. Whatever the fact may be, I like that director Hype Williams took a different approach on a music video. It’s kind of poking fun at itself… and who doesn’t like that?

Wanna recreate M.I.A.’s look?

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