instagram photosRemember how I said that one of the first things I do in the morning after opening my eyes is look at my phone?  Well, after checking any emails, texts, etc. (can’t stand any little red numbers), the next thing I do is head on over to good ol’ Instagram.  And I know I’m not alone (there’s a reason Facebook plunked down a cool $1B for the photo sharing app).  I love a stream of pictures (they are worth a thousand words, right?) as opposed to the banal status updates of Facebook and Twitter.  However, something bad has happened.  People are starting to abuse the right to post.  Just as some people talk only to hear their own voices, it seems some people post just to post.  When I speak, it’s because I have something to say.  When I post a photo, it’s because I think it’s actually worth seeing.  I think it’s high time we set up some Instagram sharing guidelines.  What say ye?

  1. Photos that you did not actually take.  That’s what Pinterest is for.
  2. Oh, your photo is kinda blurry?  Try taking another one.  If you can’t tell what it is, I most certainly can’t either.
  3. Let me preface this by saying, I like a good outfit post.  I like to see what you’re wearing (obviously) and understand that sometimes self photography is the only way.  The picture you took of yourself in the mirror with the flash on.  A). I can’t see your face, B). your mirror is dirty.  Flash off, friends.
  4. Your blue steel/duck lips face.  Just stop.
  5. Your vodka tonic.  Are there flames or smoke coming out?  No?  Don’t post it.
  6. I know that Some E-Cards are pretty funny, but are we done yet?  Can we relegate those to Facebook?
  7. I’m a sucker for animals and even post photos of my own pup, but 19 photos in a row of Wiggles is excessive (and obsessive).
  8. The same goes for babies.  I love your sweet little nugget, but at least put him/her in a silly hat or something.
  9. Your breakfast.  Unless it’s wild rhino on a spit, no one cares.
  10. Every single picture from your night out.  It’s called editing.  Pick a good one (two max) to share.

Oh, and if you are as obsessed with Instagram as the rest of us and you think your photos are stellar enough to make a case for your phone, you MUST check out Casetagram.  Welcome.




image via NY Times