Setting the Mood: Musical Chairs

By |April 7th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

coachella-fashionIn case your Instagram, Facebook or group chat has not yet been inundated with updates regarding the southern California music festival known as Coachella, brace yourselves… because from Thursday on, you will see nothing but one post after the next regarding this outdoor bohemian booze fest.  While it seems feelings are mixed in my social circle, one Bullett writer has some pretty strong feelings about the festival and I can’t say I totally disagree.  There’s a reason I’ve never actually accepted casual invitations to attend.  I have a hard enough time watching panhandlers perform in an overcrowded subway car.  Spending several days sweating in the desert with 90,000 other overly dehydrated, underdeodorized strangers is a variation of my own personal hell.  I’d need a heavy dosage of Xanax to keep my anxiety at bay, but if attending a more commercialized Woodstock is your cup of kombucha, you’re going to need to get music fest ready.  The only thing more important than securing somewhere to shower other than the community bathrooms and scoring invites to all of the VIP pool parties is packing just the right pieces to have you looking carefree but not costumed.

coachella House of Holland Peggy Striped Round Acetate SunglassesMexicana Klak Embroidered Distressed Leather Ankle BootsVineet Bahl Embroidered Printed Chiffon JacketSensi Studio Toquilla Straw Panama Hat







Why Did You Wear That: Beach Blanket Babe (ModCloth + Wanelo, Uniquely You)

By |March 27th, 2014|Why Did You Wear That?|

beach blanket bingoPerhaps my swimsuit guide was a bit presumptuous as we are a week into spring and only a few days away from April and yet I’m still swaddled in cashmere scarves and slouchy beanies.  As a matter of fact, it flurried the other night on my way crosstown.  So, if you, like me, jumped the gun and can’t wait to wear your new suit, try using a one piece as a body suit much like the look I’ve created from ModCloth below.

retro swimsuit1. Day to Daylight Hat, 2. Esther Williams Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece, 3. Lip Stain in Red Velvet, 4. Blogger Conference Pants, 5. Prism is a Dancer Wedge, 6. Lomography Konstruktor 35mm SLR DIY Camera Kit, 7. Bygone Beaches Bag, 8. Ice Cream or Cola Sunglasses





Why Did You Wear That: Hats What’s Up.

By |May 21st, 2013|Why Did You Wear That?|

You have invested a small fortune in your skin and there’s no need to cancel that all out by roasting in the sun like a California raisin.  Sure, sunblock and sunglasses help protect against a gnarly sunburn, but why not come with the wrinkle fighting trifecta by adding a huge hat?  I don’t mean like J. Lo or Kim Kardashian, heavens no.  There are ways to pull off a humongous hat without looking like a pretentious poser and this is one of those times that it’s completely fine to throw a little shade.  Now, don’t be mistaken.  A hat doesn’t make SPF obsolete, but does help deflect those harmful UVA/UVB rays decreasing your chance for skin cancer and premature aging.  Bonus perk?  Hides those unruly, humidified hairs of yours.  Bless all of you with straight tresses, but I’m not in that camp, so look for me in a big ol’ sunhat by the beach.

1. Juicy Couture Oversized Straw Hat, 2.Forever 21 Straw Bowler Hat, 3.Eugenia Kim Bianca Feather Trimmed Straw Fedora, 4.Staring at Stars Woven Floppy Hat, 5. Rag & Bone Braided Beach Visor, 6. Sensi Studio Toquilla Straw Panama Hat, 7. Bop Basics Thick Raffia Continental Hat, 8. Eugenia Kim Marie Visor, 9. Christys’ Hats Bowler Hat, 10. Maison Michel Virginie Grosgrain Fedora

Hats what’s up.




Why Did You Wear That: Put Me In, Coach

By |April 10th, 2012|Look for Less, Why Did You Wear That?|

celebrity coachella fashionWith the arrival of summer comes the arrival of outdoor music festivals.  The first of which to kick things off is Coachella.  Coachella is not only one of the bigger music festivals, it’s one of the most photographed.  Let’s just say it’s a sartorialist’s wet dream.  The look is usually a bit boho meets Beverly Hills, but some have taken the hippy dippy look to extremes.  I can’t say I’ve ever had the desire to camp out for three days with no working plumbing, but if you happen to be someone who favors the port-o-potty over pate, then perhaps you’re headed out that way this weekend.  If that’s the case, you may be thinking, “What to wear?  What to wear?”  Well, I’ve come up with three looks that are sure to have you looking like you’re with the band.  (Just please do me a favor and keep your shoes on).

isabel lucas diane kruger coachellahat: Club Monaco Jody Straw Hat, $69.50, top: Roxy Sky of Stars Crochet Lace Crop Top, $49.50, skirt: Collective Concepts Crochet Waist Maxi Skirt, $78

coachella outfit inspirationtop: Blood is the New Black Metal Bears Distressed Tank, $29, shorts: RUNWAYDREAMZ Handmade Vintage Half Studded Shorts, $168, sandals: DV by Dolce Vita Archer Nude Sandals, $69

coachella whitney port alessandra ambrosiosunglasses: Ray-Ban New Wayfarer, $125, dress: Juicy Couture Daisy Guipure Crochet Lace Dress, $298 , boots: Report Marks Bootie, $110

This is also an opportune time to test out chalking your tresses!!

Rock on.