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Monday Mashup: Splitting Hairs

cutting hair with scissorsThey say you should get a trim every 6-8 weeks depending on hairstyle and goals (are you trying to grow out your locks?).  Seems that some folks get a bit scissor happy when heading to the salon.  Perhaps they’re bored, perhaps they’ve had a bad breakup.  Whatever the case may be, somehow a trim turns traumatic when a millimeter turns into a mile.  This week in celebrity hairstyles, we have a teen songstress and a lady loving crooner who both decided to change things up by chopping their locks.  So, I’m just wondering, when is a haircut a good thing and when does it all go terribly wrong?

john mayer hairMan about about town, John Mayer, who recently split from Katy Perry (I know… that was what? Ten minutes?), was seen this weekend with newly shorn hair.  Maybe John realized that Katy was simply dating him due to his hairy resemblance to ex, Russell Brand?  Regardless, I vote his fresh crop a “do.”  He’s creepy enough as is… the extra hair only added to his douchey demeanor.  But now that his hair is no longer there to distract me, we’re gonna need to talk about that necklace…

miley cyrus hairAnd the teen queen of side boob, Miley Cyrus, also got a bit snippy recently.  While she had been seen sporting a top knot almost daily (have you seen her bun’s Twitter account?), she must have taken the joke a bit too seriously and lobbed off her locks for a very short, very blonde Andy Warhol-esque look.  Just when I was starting to think she was adorable, she cut her hair and it looks horrible.

But who cares what I think (you better!)?  What do you think?

Snip, snip.




Images via E! and StyleBakery

Monday Mashup: Fruitastic Fail

Why yes, Katy Perry, you do look a whole lot like this pink haired plastic playtoy that so many of us lovingly called, Strawberry Shortcake.  And while she was my hero when I was no taller than a step stool, I’m not sure that as a grown woman you want to share much in common with this fruity femme… except for say, her strawberry scented coif.

Katy, are you having a quarter life crisis?  Or is Russell into some freaky fetish role playing thing?  The only thing I am certain of is that you look absolutely ridiculous… but let’s see what the WhyDid’ers have to say about your fruity follicles:

Now that’s not berry nice.