Beauty Buzz: Skin is the New “It” Bag

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I can’t figure out why everyone seems so shocked that tanning beds are ranked way up there on the list of things that give you cancer.  This really shouldn’t be news to anyone. Tanning beds increase your cancer risk by 75% when introduced before the age of 30. Now, I can’t lie. I went to college in a town where we clearly thought we lived in Beverly Hills. A day could not be complete without a stop by the gym and tanning bed (this went for GUYS and girls).  Luckily, my tanning habit ended when I received my diploma.

Not only does excessive tanning make you prone to skin cancer, it also makes you prone to wrinkles and saggy, pruney skin.  Not cute.  With all of the products on the market, it surprises me that people are still paying up to sizzle down. Here is great site which tells how to have successful treatment on cancer.

Even though people are holding back on those new Prada shoes and Chloe bags, they are still spending their hard earned cash on something seasonless- their skin.  While not completely recession proof, the skincare industry has been riding out these tough economic times with a great deal of ease.  With that being said, you are wasting your money buying expensive skin creams if you are just following them up with a few minutes in a tanning bed.  By frying yourself, you’re completely canceling out all the benefits of your fancy face lotion.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, “Bacon looks better brown!” but this doesn’t mean you have to ruin your skin to get a golden bronze. Here’s how to fake a Hawaiian Tropic tan without out scorching your skin:

  • Moisturize– Can’t stress it enough. Your face and body need to be slathered with moisture daily.  You can get wrinkles on your body too! Yuck! To keep your skin soft and supple, choose a moisturizer specifically for your skin type.  Many moisturizers also now contain SPF which makes your life that much easier.


Clarins HydraQuench SPF 15 Cream

200Dove Pro Age Cream Oil Lotion SPF 5

  • Exfoliate– Try and exfoliate both face and body once a week to slough off dull skin.

P232915_lgExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

BLISS-295Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper Sugar Scrub

  • Bronze– Now it’s time to fake that golden goddess glow. A couple of routes here.  I switch daily between a tanning body lotion and my regular body lotion.  Another option is doing a once weekly tanning treatment at home (following your exfoliating treatment). Lastly, you can go to a local salon that does spray tanning if you don’t trust yourself (again-after you exfoliate).

200-1Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer

SUNSPONGE_medrModel Co Sun Sponge

imagesMystic Tan Self Tanning System

  • Protect– Just because you now are a bronze bunny, doesn’t mean you are safe from the sun’s UV rays.  You still need to make sure to use at least SPF 15 while in the sun.

prod_hero_sheer15Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion SPF 15

Now go on, my little bronze beauties. Show off that beautiful “sun kissed” skin. Just because you didn’t buy that new handbag, doesn’t mean your skin should look like leather.



Why Did You Wear That: Spring Fever- I Think I’ve Got a Temperature!

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Tomorrow is the day we have all been salivating over.  It’s going to be 84 degrees and sunny in New York City.  Terraces, rooftops, lawns, and brunch spots are going to be swamped with sun worshippers. Shoot. You’re still Casper white and not quite ready for this summer-like heat.  Have no fear, I have a few quick fixes!

  • Self tanner (duh!)- There are SO many options out there for faking a tan.  You can go fancy shmancy with Model Co.or pop into Duane Reade for a cheaper version.  If you’re like me, you suck at the application of self tanner and always end up with wonky feet and hands.  A girlfriend of mine suggests smoothing your regular daily lotion over feet and hands after applying tanner to prevent serious streakage.
  • Sundress- Cheap and easy options available from Urban Outfitters to H&M to Target. If you aren’t ready (read: haven’t been to the gym in 6 months) to show off your gams, opt for a long maxi style.
  • Sunglasses- You can pick up a pair of sunglasses on basically every street corner in Manhattan. Or you could pop into Forever21 and grab a cute cheap pair.
  • Hat- Some might opt for the hat. This is great for bad hair days, protecting freshly colored hair, or roots that haven’t been touched up in a while. The straw fedora is still strong for summer.
  • Sandals-Before you put on your sandals, do us a favor and polish your toenails.  We know they’ve been neglected for the past few months, but now’s their time to shine.  I love summer because there are so many cute flat styles of sandals. You can finally give your poor tired feet a break from heels!
  • Sunscreen- Just because you have a “fake tan” doesn’t mean you don’t need protection from the sun. Slather on at least SPF 15 before heading outside.  No need to wake up looking like a lobster.
  • I bring my puppy everywhere. I feel like I’m missing a limb without him.  So, if you feel the same way, don’t forget about that poor little guy. While many restaurants will ask if you want water for your pooch, some don’t.  A travel water bowl is crucial for Fido! A cute bag doesn’t hurt either.

So enjoy your sunny Saturday! Don’t party too hard tonight so that you sleep in and miss the gorgeous day!



Beauty Buzz: Beat the Winter Blues

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It’s winter and it’s cold and the holidays are over, so basically the only things to look forward to are either a vacation or summer. Below are ten little things that you can do right now to get you out of your mid winter slump: (more…)