It’s winter and it’s cold and the holidays are over, so basically the only things to look forward to are either a vacation or summer. Below are ten little things that you can do right now to get you out of your mid winter slump:

  1. Put a sachet in your lingerie drawer. I swear by it. My boyfriend always comments on how nice I smell.
  2. Bleach your teeth.  Sounds incredibly vain, but it will instantly brighten your face and is proven to make you look younger. Try Crest WhiteStrips or Go Smile.
  3. Belt out your favorite song at the top of your lungs (extra points if you do this while jumping on the bed in your underwear).
  4. Take a bath. Fill up the tub with yummy products, light a candle, and turn off your phone.
  5. Put on your best underwear. Even if no one is going to see it, you’ll know you’re wearing it and you’ll just feel sexy.
  6. Get a pedicure (or give yourself one). Use a bright, cheery vacation color or your favorite color from the summer to remind you of those sunny days.
  7. Volunteer. Doing something for someone else who is less fortunate will always give you a new perspective on things.
  8. Fake a summer glow. Either go to your local tanning salon and get a spray tan or try it yourself at home. I am a big fan of Model Co. Tan in a Can.
  9. Make a fruity summer cocktail. Have some girlfriends over and sip on a Bikini Martini and reminisce. Nothing cheers you up like a little girl time.
  10. Read a juicy beach novel.  If you can’t be out causing trouble and caught up in a scandalous love triangle of your own, get caught up in someone else’s. One of my favorite beach reads, Trading Up, Candace Bushnell’s first (and in my opinion, best) novel.