Setting the Mood: California Dreaming

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Coming from New York, Los Angeles never really grew on me.  Tried as I did, I just couldn’t get into it.  Not even the perfectly placed palm trees or toned tanned skin could sway me.  I just didn’t jive with the City of Angels.

That is, until I moved up the coast to San Francisco.  Isn’t it funny how one thing can make you appreciate another?  Needless to say, after yet another freezing cold (not kidding- it’s 40 something degrees today) grey Monday, I can’t help but yearn for sunshine and convertibles.  I would even tolerate the bebe clad girls of Hollywood and Affliction t-shirted douchebags of yore for just one sun filled afternoon and a reason to slip on my Oliver Peoples.

But alas, I must endure the city by the bay for just a little while longer…



Chemise: Jenny Packham, $1,325

Shoes: Christian Louboutin, $995

Earrings: Ippolita, $1,795

C’mon, Vogue.

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Setting all political affiliation aside, I am a little put off by the March Vogue cover.  Really? Michelle Obama?  I’m going to get shot for saying this (when has that ever stopped me?), but a) she is not much to look at (sorry, told you) and b) she is in no way shape or form a style icon.  Granted she is, I’m sure, a wonderful, smart, interesting woman, but she is not Vogue cover worthy, I’m sorry.  Save her inspirational, uplifting stories about how she is a great mother and rules the roost even though her hubby is president for Time. She is the first lady, not a covergirl.


Which leads me to my real point, since when did models stop gracing the covers of magazines?  Why have they been evicted from the supermodel throne by these sassy little starlets?  Call me crazy, but isn’t that what models do?  Now they are just stuck with the editorials, ad campaigns, runway shows, and (gasp) showroom appointments?  (more…)

Girl Crush: Lily Love

By |December 2nd, 2008|Celebrity Style, Why Did You Wear That?|


It would be easy to lump model Lily Donaldson in with the rest of the blondes out there with her Goldilocks looks, but she brings a little spice with her sugar…

She mixes her feminine polished looks with the edge of rocker chic. The mixture of the hard and soft really makes her stand out and gives her a unique style. It is sexy and sweet all in one.


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