Today is a big day for you. Congratulations to you and your family.  You’ve got some serious responsibilities now. Not only will you need to be there to support the most powerful man in the United States, but you are now permanently in the public eye…. Whether you like it or not.  So as you know, this means everything you wear will be scrutinized by the general population.

A few things I can already tell you like:

  • color
  • belts
  • cardigans
  • khaki pants

I give you a lot of credit for wearing color. You’ve already sported purple, orange, red, lime green, and turquoise. All of these colors are wonderful with your complexion, however, I think we need to work on figuring out the shapes that work on your body. Like many women, you are fuller through the hips than you are up top (pear shaped). Since this is a common problem, it’s also easy to fix. 

I love that you are going belt crazy to give some definition to that waist of yours, but you also need to balance out the top with the bottom. Try wearing a darker color on the bottom and a bright color on top. A black pencil skirt with a bright full top would look wonderful on you. I can see where you were trying to go with this outfit:


However, it didn’t quite work. There is just a little too much going on here.  You were on the right path though. The full top takes the emphasis off of the hip area and brings the focus up to that big white smile.


Again, I love your willingness to try color. This particular color is very difficult to wear, but you pulled it off.  The problem is, it’s just TOO much of the same color.  Wearing a ton of one single color just makes you appear larger. Try mixing in neutrals with brights. It’s much less abrasive and again will make you appear thinner. This would have been a perfect time to try the black skirt and pop of color to brighten your face. And while you’re at it, show off some clavicle, girl! Don’t be so buttoned up!


Oh, Michelle, Michelle, Michelle! Why did you have to go and do it? First Beyonce, now you? Don’t you know my feelings on leggings? Granted, you are not wearing leggings as pants, but this is not a situation where the leggings are working for you. Lose the cardigan and ditch the shoes for heels or wedges and this may have been a better look for you. I know the whole “pant suit” thing gets old and we all appreciate your trying to stay hip and relatable, but this didn’t quite hit the mark.


I do not really understand this outfit. Is it a shirt dress? A trench coat? Either way, khaki is not the strongest color for you, which is why, again I suggest mixing the brights and neutrals.


Now, I know that you are probably being approached by tons of designers to wear their creations now that you are the country’s new “it” girl, but this was a miss. This Narcisco Rodriguez was tough to look at on the runway on a 10lb supermodel. The dress was not meant to be worn by a real woman.  Not to mention…. again with the cardigan?? IF this dress was going to be pulled off, you would HAVE to ditch the cardigan and strap on some mile high heels. Even then….


Now THIS I love. It is a wonderful look for you.  The full skirt is so flattering and if you insist on wearing a cardigan, tied around your shoulders like this is precious. You truly look like a mom’s apple pie all-American woman. It is classic yet modern and fun. You even look like you’re having fun wearing it.

So to summarize:

  • as a New Yorker, I’m ecstatic to see you embracing color
  • lay off the cardigans. I’m sure convention halls get chilly, but try a wrap or long sleeves instead.
  • the belts can work, but try and break up solid blocks of color by mixing brights and neutrals.
  • Thank you for not being queen of the pantsuit
  • keep smiling. That’s the perfect accessory for every outfit.

I hope this will prove to be helpful the next time you are trying to get dressed. Perhaps it will take some of the pressure off.  Then you can stress more about what kind of dog the family will get than what shoes to wear. (Might I suggest a Maltipoo?)