The List Volume 2013

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new years time squareThey say the way you spend New Year’s day foreshadows how you will spend the rest of the upcoming year.  Probably not promising for a lot of you who woke up missing articles of clothing, unable to identify your bedside companion, sans cab fare for the journey home, and with a headache equivalent to the explosion of the Hindenburg.  As for me, if today is any indication, I’m all set.  Being handed a mimosa upon parting my eyelids, walking outside outfitted in a crop top, and spending the rest of the afternoon alternating between drinking rosé and napping is something I could get used to.  Certainly an improvement over the last twelve months. 2013 was a hot ass mess… or maybe that was just me.  I basically spent this past year dating completely inappropriate individuals, staying up too late, not working hard enough, and writing it all down.  There are plenty of personal bad habits that I wish to lay to rest along with 2013.  That said, here’s a countdown of some other things from 2013 that I certainly won’t be crying crocodile tears about kissing goodbye.

  1. No, I don’t want to play Candy Crush.
  2. FOMO.
  3. Trainwrecks.  I mean, obviously literal ones, but really figurative ones a la Amanda Bynes, Lilo, and most of my ex-boyfriends.  Can we please stop encouraging bad behavior?
  4. Parody t-shirts.  You know: Féline, Homies, Commes des Fuckdown, and the likes.
  5. Anything with a peplum.
  6. “Keep Calm” and STFU.  Please stop making these.  Along with most some e-cards, and definitely those comic strip things.
  7. The word/action of twerking.  Also, all mentioning of molly.
  8. “DJ” as a fallback career.  When did grasping the general concept of Spotify equate to a paid occupation?
  9. Awl dese cray wayz of mizspelling thangz n stuph.  Idk. Itz nawt kewl, bb, k? Werq.
  10. The exploitation of unicorns.
  11. Miley Cyrus’s tongue.  (Though her explanation to Babs was somewhat endearing).  Let the record show- I’m a Miley fan.
  12. Dubstep.
  13. Leggings as pants.  Seriously.

Peace out, ’13.  I’d be lying if I said I’ll miss ya. xx, WhyDid     image via

Setting the Mood: Ski Bunny

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sundance ski styleHere’s one for ya: I’ve never been skiing… or snowboarding.  Ever. I am, however, pretty sweet on a pair of ice skates.  But apparently winter sports are a “thing.”  Physical exertion in below freezing temperatures with the risk of bodily injury seems to get some people’s adrenaline going.  I’m not here to judge, but if you’re looking for me, it won’t be on the bunny slopes.  Instead you’ll find me in the lodge sipping a hot toddy getting a foot rub from that cute ski instructor, Steve.  Perhaps that’s why some folks put themselves through all of the swooshing and sliding down the side of a mountain: for the afterparty.  We all know afterparties are where it’s at.  Why else do you think they came up with the name, “apres ski?”  And while I’ve already cut to the chase and am three hot chocolates in, you’re going to need to slip into something cozy chic for your fireside recovery.  The look is cabin casual.

apres ski accessoriesEugenia Kim Wool and Cashmere Beanie, $185, Zoe Karssen Fun Sweatshirt, $95, Plush Fair Isle Trim Leggings, $75, Sorel Tofino Waterproof Boots, $150

To be clear, leggings are still not pants.  Not even on the side of a mountain.



Friday Frocks: Go Long

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girl superbowl

I had to double check that the Super Bowl had not, in fact, already happened.  (It will happen on February 3rd- I Googled it).  That said, my pun stands.  Anyway, in the cold winter months, dressing can become a bit of a bore.  How many different ways can we wear jeans?  And since some of you can’t get it through your pretty little skulls that leggings are not pants, I have come up with yet another option for comfort without sacrificing style.  The maxi dress is often associated with balmy summer nights and backyard barbecues, but I have found the knit long sleeve, slinky maxi dress to be one of my new favorite winter time staples.  There are endless ways to style this look be it a fur (faux) vest over top, layered in gauzy scarves, with flat motorcycle boots or sky high ankle booties.  The maxi dress is as versatile as it is comfortable.

maxi dresses winter

1. Holy Tee Abbey Lee Mesh and Jersey Maxi Dress, $108, 2. Mason by Michelle Mason Long Sleeve Cutout Maxi, $177.10, 3. Thakoon Addition Carbon Copy Long Dress, $170, 4. Silence & Noise Stella Knit Maxi Dress, $69, 5. Sparkle & Fade Cowl Back Maxi Dress, $59, 6. James Perse Wrap Shoulder Dress, $245, 7. Maison Martin Margiela Knitted Silk Maxi Dress, $398, 8. Pencey Standard Long Layer Dress, $84, 9. Blue Life Pucci Maxi Dress, $165, 10. Sparkle & Fade Scoopback Long Sleeved Maxi Dress, $49

Now play ball, or whatever.




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WhyDid Wisdom: Get In Where You Fit In

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Four years (and a month) ago, I sat at my desk in my grey cubicle in my grey carpeted office and stared at an Excel spreadsheet while my eyes began to cross and water.  I spun around in my lopsided pleather chair- certainly an original piece of furniture from the early nineties- and nearly toppled over a pile of Hanky Panky holiday samples to see my friend, Stephanie, grinning at the entry of my own personal hell.  “Ready for lunch?” she said.  I nodded too quickly.

Spending half an hour across the street at Devon and Blakely with her over a cup of lentil soup was basically the highlight of my days.  While I had a job that most girls would consider a “dream job,” I found myself struggling to excel.  I was disinterested for the most part aside from the actual selection of product and styling of pieces.  The entering of orders, tracking of shipments, and balancing of budgets was the majority of my role and I just was not what one might consider a “star employee.”  I constantly felt guilty for not feeling giddy about my job and tried my best to be a superstar, but I was just not meant to sit behind a desk and crunch numbers.  One day, one of my colleagues actually voiced that.  She turned to me in a buyers’ meeting and said, “Kirsten, you’re too funny and pretty to be here.  You should go enroll in acting classes or something.”  An actress I’m not, but I was made aware at that specific moment that everyone knew I didn’t fit in the corporate world.  I hung in for another year and a half before that whole recession thing happened and retail took a beating forcing many offices to eliminate entire departments and completely restructure their corporate offices.  Stephanie and I were unluckily, or luckily depending on how you look at it, part of the trimming of the fat.  We weren’t alone though.  Ever see a bar full of buyers getting hammered before noon?  Dive bars have never made so many martinis.

kirsten smithFortunately, before all of the chaos, I had been on a double date with a girl who informed me she was a “blogger.”  She was a very nice girl, but not particularly brilliant or earth shatteringly interesting.  I thought to myself, “I can do that.”  The next day, I signed up for a Tumblr account and bought the domain WhyDidYouWearThat.com.  The idea stemmed from seeing so many girls wearing so many horrific outfits, namely leggings as pants.  When I started blogging I hadn’t the slightest clue as to what I was doing.  Fortunately, I had a college pal who was instrumental in setting me off in the right direction.  Should I ever hit it big time, he’ll be the first person I write a check to.  I wrote my posts anonymously.  Honestly, I didn’t think anyone was even reading them.  I was writing as a creative outlet to balance out all of the arithmetic of my daily tasks.  I had totally forgotten how much I enjoyed writing.  Instead of having conversations with myself in my head, I started writing all of my thoughts down.

Then something funny happened.  I started seeing my hits go up and up and up on Google Analytics.  People were reading this?  My Facebook page started growing.  Strangely enough, people were paying attention.  Almost a year or so in, I wrote a post that was quite a bit more personal than my typical WTF?! posts.  I even included photos of myself, which I hadn’t really done before.  My hits spiked and I realized that I had cracked the code.  I realized that I was able to connect with readers on a more personal level.  I could communicate with them without polarizing them.  We could commiserate.  We could laugh.  We could cry.  We could think.  We could be girlfriends… even though I don’t even know most of them.  I wanted women to know that there is someone out there dealing with the same problems as they are: whether it be finding the perfect hair product, or clever way to hide bra straps, or heal a broken heart.  I wasn’t here to make them feel bad about all the clothes and stuff I have that they didn’t (which I don’t have).  I wanted to be a safe place, a fun place, a release from a shitty day at the office with an Excel sheet and bitchy clients.

leggings are not pantsAnd while I was kind of forced into figuring out what I loved doing by being fired, it wasn’t easy.  I tried to get jobs after being laid off.  I got a few, but they weren’t particularly fulfilling or long lasting.  The jobs I would have wanted, I couldn’t get.  I was either overqualified or didn’t have the “right” experience to get them.  So, I realized that I just needed to put my head down and focus on creating something for myself.  Sure, I have a long way to go and I’m still learning even now.  I had no idea four years ago when I wrote my first post that this was what I was meant to be doing.  It was just a silly whim that grew legs and started sprinting.  There have been times I’ve wanted to quit, but I believe everyone feels that way at one point or another.  I get frustrated that I’ve worked hard for years and still have not made it to where I want to be and some bloggers have just walked onto the scene and been scooped up by agents and brands and critics.  When I see that happen, I get discouraged.  I start to think maybe I’m no good.  However, when I really think about throwing in the towel, I think about my readers.  I think about all the kind comments and emails and the friendships that have come from doing what I do.  I think about how much I really do enjoy writing and here I am.

So as to not make this all about “me” (you’ve got to be a little narcissistic to be a blogger afterall), I want you to know that sometimes when you are being rejected left and right and nothing seems to be working, it isn’t because you aren’t good enough.  Maybe it’s just life’s gentle nudge telling you that there is something else for you.  Maybe you just need to dig deep and figure out what you love and what your true calling is.  Don’t feel bad because you aren’t fitting into that round hole if you’re a square peg.  Know that you are just being pointed in the right direction and always know that there is a safe place for you here.

Thank you for four amazing years.




Why Did You Wear That: Ray of Light

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Though winter here hasn’t been much more than grey and rainy, I was able to catch a little bit of sun a couple of weekends ago.

I know coming hot off the heels of my Stylelist Q + A, this may seem like a “risky” outfit choice.  Here’s the thing: I don’t hate leggings as a whole.  I hate when girls wear leggings like they’re Levi’s.  I’ve got a whole stack of leggings, but you better believe that unless I’m in the midst of a pilates class, my “assets” are covered when wearing them.

I love the sheer peach mixed with grey knits and grounded with a luggage brown boot.  It’s a nice alternative to the standard black and brings a little bit of light (ness) to your most grey winter days.

Rule of thumb when deciding whether or not a shirt is long enough to be worn with leggings:  Put your hands down to your sides.  If the shirt reaches your fingertips, it should be okay.  It’s kind of like the skirt/shorts rule in highschool.  Use your head (and your eyes), your front pieces and bum should not be showing.  Leggings, afterall, are not pants. 

1. Equipment Major Blouse, $208, 2. Top Shop Ribbed Marl Leggings, $36, 3. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner (Peacock), $20, 4. Bare Escentuals Pretty Amazing Lip Color (Confidence), $16, 5. Kain Modal Silk Blend Tank, $85, 6. Alex & Ani 12 Assorted  Expandable Bangles, $138, 7. Steve Madden Intyce Cognac Boots, $149.95