Setting the Mood: Beauty Sleep

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fashion-sleeping-beautyFun fact: I’m narcoleptic.  Okay, maybe not clinically speaking, but show me a pillow and I’ll show you a coma.  I’m probably one of four people who has ever fallen asleep in Las Vegas… at a nightclub… with a giant costumed Elmo dancing right above her head.  If I were to be a fairytale princess, I would undoubtedly be Sleeping Beauty.  As a matter of fact, I should be much more beautiful due to the amount of beauty sleep I’ve amassed over the years.  I once had a boyfriend who told me that he was comforted by how restfully I slept.  He thought it meant I had a clear conscience.  Ha.  And while I’ve fallen asleep on dates forcing them to leave their phone numbers on tabloid covers and scraps of  napkin, my narcolepsy has saved me from many a late night pizza delivery.  So, my unpredictable sleep patterns aren’t all bad as long as you don’t mind my snoring.

sleeping-beautyAgent Provocateur Petunia Floral Embroidered RobeMorgan Lane Lanie Sleeping Mask SetKosta Boda Stiletto Shoe PaperweightFashion Fairy Tale Memoirs



Beauty Buzz: Find the Light

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metallic eye makeupDuring the holidays and especially with New Year’s Eve quickly creeping ’round the corner, some of us look for ways to amp up our standard makeup routines for swanky evenings out on the town and special seasonal celebrations.  Some may opt for the classic statement making bold lip (good choice) and others go for the more “Golden Girl” approach (also a great choice).  But beauty beware: there is a big difference between glowing like the lights of Paris (the city, not the socialite) and glaring like the neon signs of Las Vegas.  Let’s keep glitter where it belongs: on art projects, Halloween costumes and strippers.  Strippers can wear glitter.

Come to think of it, a guy I was dating once showed up late one night after work, which should have been reason enough to dump him, but he was covered in glitter.  Seeing as he doesn’t work at a Michael’s craft store, he must have procured his shimmering accents somewhere.  Hanging out with another lady is bad enough but, hanging out with another lady who dons glitter is grounds for permanent exile.  But I digress…

To achieve a glowing holiday look, invest in a few beauty products with flecks not flakes of shimmer in them.  You could go for a dramatic foil for your lids, a metallic manicure or something as simple as adding some extra shine to your tresses.  Be sure not to go overboard with your gilded look though.  A gorgeous glow is one thing, but looking like a greased up walrus won’t get your dance card filled up any faster… if at all.

nye makeup1. Caudalie Divine Legs, 2. ELLIS FAAS Light, 3. Ulta Metallic Automatic Eyeliner, 4. Kevyn Aucoin Set of Four Loose Shimmer Shadows, 5. Philip B Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo, 6. Ilia Gold Box Illuminator and Lip Gloss, 7. Formula X for Sephora Sparklers in Light My Fire, 8. Illamasqua Liquid Metal Cream, 9. RMS Beauty Living Luminzer, 10. Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow, 11.Leighton Denny Hynotic Nail Polish





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Friday Frocks: The Sparkle Dress

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been salivating over the opportunity to channel your inner chandelier this New Year’s Eve.  If you’re not like me, well, then we covered you last week with the “anti-sparkle dress.”   New Year’s Eve is your time to shine.  Both literally and figuratively.  I think there are two completely appropriate times (and a free hall passes) to wear as much glimmery, shimmery, I’m a disco ball garb as you damn well please.  One is your birthday and the other is obviously New Year’s Eve.  In honor of one of the most overhyped holidays, here are twelve beautiful blinged out dresses to strut your stuff in that won’t leave you looking like a Las Vegas showgirl.

1. Parker All Over Sequin Tank Dress, $407, 2. Sheri Bodell Wrap Halter Dress, $348, 3. Tibi Metallic Halter Gown, $375, 4. The Addison Story Lurex Dress, $176.40, 5. Minuet Gilded Grecian Dress, $82.99, 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Liv Sparkle Dress, $698, 7. Alice + Olivia Radha Beaded Shift Dress, $796, 8. MICHAEL Michael Kors Sequin Wrap Dress, $139, 9. J. Crew Sequin Smolder Dress, $499.99, 10. Jill Stuart One Shoulder Metallic Dress, $228, 11. Sheri Bodell Goddess Maxi Dress, $656, 12. Free People Gold Rush Dress, $148



Munchin Monday: Stripped Down

By |December 20th, 2010|Why Did You Eat That?|

As many of you know, I hate Vegas. I’ve now been there twice. The first time I fell asleep at the hot spot du jour both nights. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed. The second time I went was actually last week for the grand opening of The Cosmopolitan.

To say this place is sexy would be an understatement. I may be completely and utterly biased due to the fact that the entire place is decked out in chandeliers. They even have a bar called Chandelier Bar.

As far as dining goes before hitting the slots or the nightlife, New Yorkers and Angelenos alike will feel right at home with Scarpetta, STK, Blue Ribbon Sushi and Comme Ca (to name a few) all under one roof. So, basically, whatever you’re craving, they’ve got it. Isn’t that what Vegas is all about?

So how does one get decked out for Sin City? Many would immediately suggest sequins, but there’s enough sparkles in Vegas. Why not pick a shocking saturated color to really stand out? Save the shimmer for your accessories.

Naven Heartthrob Dress, $285 (one of the colors is even called “Vegas Blue”)

Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Clustered Crystal Bracelet, $74.88

Diane von Furstenberg Envy Strappy Platform Sandal, $350

Deux Lux Large Studded Clutch, $60

Let it ride.



Reader Appreciation Day

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Why Did You Wear That is still in its beginning stages, but I want to thank those of you who actually do read this. It means a lot (and also makes me feel better that there are other bitchy people out there).

So to show you my gratitude, I am posting a couple of photos that were sent in to me by some very observant readers.  These photos are brilliant and I’m impressed with their keen eyes.  Please, PLEASE keep up the good work! Enjoy!!

Sent in by “Sarah” in NYC: