Setting the Mood: I’m Missing You Like Candy

By |August 22nd, 2016|Setting the Mood|


Why, yes.  I did quote a Mandy Moore song for the title of this post.  And if you were born after 1990, please refer to the video at the end of this post and thank your lucky stars you weren’t old enough to drive a Volkswagen Beetle or own a Discman.  In any case, this week is dedicated to sugar and spice and everything that throws a wrench in your 7:30am spin class efforts.

I’m not someone who suffers from a chronic sweet tooth– ironic as I just polished off a carton of Blue Marble Ice Cream as I edit this– but let’s blame the full moon and that time of the month.  If, however, you are a lover of all things confectionery, this is your lucky week as I’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with a special guest, Breanne Butler, of ByBreanne to bring you a special How To Tuesday, exclusive interview, and photoshoot featuring her custom candy rings.

So, stay tuned, pause your diet til next week, and be sure to brush your teeth before bed.

Setting the Mood: Any Man of Mine

By |August 12th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

mens fall fashion editorialOn a “date” (and let’s use that term very loosely in this instance) that ended in a sex shop on Sixth Avenue last night, my suitor turned to me over bisteca per due at Morandi and asked, “What’s your type?”  My initial response would have been, “Not you,” but I figured that wouldn’t exactly be conducive to getting through the rest of our meal without utensil related injury.  My actual answer was that I don’t have a type and that’s not a farce.  When I look back on all of my relationships- long term and very short lived- I’m basically an equal opportunity dater.  From Wall Street bankers to musicians, athletes, writers, and tech nerds, I’ve basically run the gamut when it comes to careers and as far as appearances go they’ve been tall, short, dark, light, and everything in between.  Of course there has to be an initial attraction whether it be physical or mental, but the reason my heart melted for each one of them comes from an intangible place.  Even the worst of them (and that’s a tight race) had his wondrous moments and I hold a special place for each of them in my little black heart.  That’s why this week, we are dedicating WhyDid to the men in our lives and all that comes along with them. So, ladies, let’s hear it for the boys.

mens accessories vans jcrew loro piana marwoodLoro Piana Storm System Brushed Cashmere Baseball Hat, Illesteva Square Frame Matte Acetate Sunglasses, Marwood Striped Wool and Cotton Blend Tie, Vans for J. Crew Sk8-Hi Reissue Sneakers



Setting the Mood: Under Covers

By |August 4th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

lingerie fashion editorial I may be appalled at the thought of wearing pearls and Tory Burch ballet flats give me the creeps, but no one who knows me intimately would argue that I’m anything but feminine.  I may have matured from favoring hot pink hues for home and wardrobe, but I will never tire of delicate lace, soft satin, and intricate details that make being a woman worth all of the cramps, bloating, skewed salaries, and cat calls.  When I spent several years in the high end world of lingerie, I acquired new found admiration for all that goes into underpinnings.  Perhaps there will only be a few special someones who are ever fortunate enough to see the contents of your knicker drawer (unless you use your delicates as decor), but the most feminine thing I think a woman can do is dress for herself.

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xx, WhyDid

Setting the Mood: Hats Off

By |July 28th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

hat fashion editorialMy mom looks fantastic in a hat.  Any kind.  You name it- from bonnet to bucket- she works the look.  She probably should have been British or born in the mid 18th century.  Fortunately for me, I inherited that trait along with her side stitch inducing humor (am I right?).  In this sizzling summer heat, you may not intuitively reach for a hat, but they are one more step in the right direction towards sun damage defense (more on that here).  In addition to shielding you from the sun’s UV rays, they also prove to be a fantastic way to hide a bad hair day (as witnessed here).eugenia kim fedora sensi studio(from top down): Rag & Bone Leather Trimmed Wool Felt Fedora, Karl Lagerfeld Number 7 Baseball Cap, Sensi Studio Adrian Toquilla Straw Panama Hat,Eugenia Kim Max Feather Trimmed Rabbit Felt Fedora




Setting the Mood: Beauty Sleep

By |May 27th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

fashion-sleeping-beautyFun fact: I’m narcoleptic.  Okay, maybe not clinically speaking, but show me a pillow and I’ll show you a coma.  I’m probably one of four people who has ever fallen asleep in Las Vegas… at a nightclub… with a giant costumed Elmo dancing right above her head.  If I were to be a fairytale princess, I would undoubtedly be Sleeping Beauty.  As a matter of fact, I should be much more beautiful due to the amount of beauty sleep I’ve amassed over the years.  I once had a boyfriend who told me that he was comforted by how restfully I slept.  He thought it meant I had a clear conscience.  Ha.  And while I’ve fallen asleep on dates forcing them to leave their phone numbers on tabloid covers and scraps of  napkin, my narcolepsy has saved me from many a late night pizza delivery.  So, my unpredictable sleep patterns aren’t all bad as long as you don’t mind my snoring.

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