Weekend Playlist: Guest DJ, Jenn Seracuse

By |July 13th, 2013|Weekend Playlist|

Jenn Seracuse PilatesPhoto credit: Jay Sullivan 

Not to toot my own horn (but, beep beep), I get asked quite a bit about what my workout routine is.  No, kids, I can’t lie and just say I sit around eating whatever I want.  Past the age of 25, I actually had to become conscience of my body and only wish I’d started sooner.  I run three to four times a week, but my real secret weapon for long, lean, toned arms and legs and a flat stomach is Pilates.  Specifically, Flex Studios.  Very specifically, Jenn Seracuse.

I’d tried out a few different Pilates studios in New York after getting hooked when I lived in LA.  One class with Jenn at Flex and I needn’t look any further.  Jenn’s class is fun and upbeat without being annoyingly cheerleader peppy (I was a cheerleader, chill).  Beginner’s or first timers don’t fret.  Jenn must have eyes in the back of her head because she’s able to keep tabs on everyone in class providing gentle corrections to ensure you’re getting the most out of the session without breaking anything except a sweat.  One of the best parts of Jenn’s classes are her playlists.  As I’m sure anyone who works out can attest, music can make or break whether you struggle or stride through those last ten minutes.  So, this week, Jenn was kind enough to put together a playlist especially for WhyDid.com.  I, for one, can not wait to slip on my sneakers and feel the burn while listening.

To be honest, I was little nervous to share my secret because I may find myself on the waiting list for class more than I’d like, but come sweat with Jenn and me and be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.



Weekend Playlist: Guest DJ

By |June 4th, 2011|Guest Blogger, Weekend Playlist|

Like most, I had a Tuesday for a Monday this week (due to Memorial Day).  I initially thought, “Yay, no way will the start of this week blow like the others do!” But I was dead wrong.  I arrived at work with double the usual amount of work and attempted to make it through my day with RedBull alone.  Half way through the day I started up my iPod on my fav song and decided to let Genius do the rest.  A minute and a half into Le Blorr’s “Oh Christopher” I was smiling ear to ear.  I’d like to share this great mix in hopes that it can have the same effect on you fine people.  If I was a Von Trapp these songs would def be things I’d sing about.

  1. Bastard LoveChild of Rock and Roll– Oh Christopher
  2. Phantograms– Mouthful of Diamonds
  3. Fleetwood Mac– Gypsy
  4. Jonsi– Go Do
  5. Billie Holliday– The Way You Look Tonight
  6. M83– We Own the Sky
  7. Warpaint– Stars
  8. Donora– I Think I Like You
  9. Telepopmusik– Breathe
  10. YACHT– Psychic City (voodoo city)
  11. Ghostland Observatory– Give Me the Beat