Why Did You Wear That: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

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kirsten smith whydidA few weeks ago, the day came that I declared I was finally ready, willing, and able to dip my toes back into the dating pool.  So, I did.  It was funny that once I let it be known I was going back on the market, an interested buyer presented himself.  I had met him before, but because he kept complimenting my hair, I figured he was either gay or a hairdresser, possibly both.  When I ran into him again at a theme party one fateful Friday evening, he let our mutual friend know that he would be holding me captive and we spent the rest of the night attached at the hip… or maybe his hand/my butt… logistical technicalities.  In any case,  we’d spent a fun PG night together and deemed ourselves a perfect fit.  And just like I mentioned, once I started to get exactly what I wanted, I freaked the eff out.  He wanted to hang out that Sunday, but I was busy filming How To Tuesday and being fed hot toddies downstairs at Bakehouse in an attempt to fend off the oncoming and imminent flu.  As expected, I woke up the next morning feeling as though I had swallowed an entire carton of used Bic razors.  After a trip to the doctor (who complimented my dedication to still looking presentable when I felt less than human), I was diagnosed with a case of acute pharyngitis, aka, physical hell.  That benched me for the next week with ten days worth of antibiotics.  I let interested parties (okay, party) know my verdict and though disappointed, I promised I’d be well enough to see him the next Friday.  Like any good nurse, he checked in on his patient every day until then and made me feel slightly less miserable.  When Friday finally rolled around, the anticipation was at an all time high, but most importantly, what would I wear? kirsten smith why did kirsten smith whydid kirsten smith nyc3

kirsten smith nyc7dress: Wilfred Free, jacket: Andrew Marc, similar here, bag: Alexander Wang, boots: Frye, scarf: similar here, ear cuff: similar here, necklace: similar here

To be continued… xx, WhyDid

Why Did You Wear That: From the Top

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crop top day and nightDue to my computer’s inability to function last week, I was unable to finish my three part series documenting how a crop top and pencil skirt could be reincarnated quite easily.  Not that last week was any warmer, but the fact that my face froze off  yesterday afternoon as I ran errands, it seems a little odd to be posting about crop tops.  Especially since the inclement weather has prevented me from prancing ’round town in one, but if Jenn keeps it up, I’m gonna have no choice but to walk around topless… and potentially pantless.

So, how can one dress down a sequined top that is cropped?  Pair it with destroyed denim, motorcycle boots, and a tough leather jacket to look more downtown than bridge and tunnel post Bagatelle brunch.  It’s just that simple.
kirsten smith

kirsten smith crop top11

kirsten smith

kirsten smithtop: Express, jeans: 7 For All Mankind, boots: Frye, jacket: Andrew Marc, bag: Balenciaga, dog: Smitty

I will have another mimosa though.



Why Did You Wear That: Breathe and Reboot

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The best part of fall?  No, not pumpkin spice lattes (can we cool it with that, by the way?).  Buying boots is by far my favorite part of fall and its fashion.  The staple of the fall closet is always footwear.  No matter what you’ve got on, if you don’t have the right shoes to seal the deal, you’re essentially screwed.  Another great thing about closed toe shoes is spending less time and money on pricey pedicures-not that it’s okay to forgo them entirely.  Speaking of which…

To make your lives easier– that’s what I’m here for, afterall– I’ve compiled the best boots in every category and how to style them for any occasion.  You don’t have to thank me now, but I certainly won’t stop you from sending Céline in gratitude.

fall boot trends

  1. The Wedge Bootie: See by Chloe Suede Wedge Calf Boots, $475, Tabitha Simmons Haley Suede Wedge Ankle Boots, $1,295, IRO Darlon Wedge Boot, $618
  2. The High Heel Bootie:Saint Laurent Leather Ankle Boots, $950, MICHAEL Michael Kors York Boots, $200, Madison Harding Jackie Bootie, $280
  3. The Riding Boot: Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Garrett Western Riding Boots, $495, Church’s Martina Two Tone Riding Boots, $1,050, Boutique 9 Randen Tall Boot, $300
  4. The Combat Boot: Dr. Martens 1460 Boot, $115, Giuseppe Zanotti Blok Combat Boots, $1,450, Belle by Siegerson Morroson Victoria Combat Boots, $450
  5. The Moto Boot: Frye Veronica Boots, $268, RED Valentino Flower Embellished Booties, $650, Rebels Shoes Travis Moto Boot, $75
  6. The Over the Knee Boot: Sophia Webster Hallie Nubuck Over the Knee Boot, $895, 3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Over the Knee Boots, $975, Jeffrey Campbell Missionary Over the Knee Boot, $230,
  7. TheWinter Weather Boot: Isabel Marant Nowles Shearling Boots, $840, Sorel Conquest Carly Boot, $220, Rag & Bone x Hunter Short Boots, $265,




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Why Did You Wear That: Take Two, Part Two

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kirsten smithI was once quoted as saying my ideal outfit is “feminine but tough. (Like a pretty girl on a Harley)…”  For me, it’s awfully difficult to look anything but all American.  Long blonde hair and fairly classic features make it pretty easy for me to be lumped in with your average white chick.  There are times when I don’t feel as if my insides match my outsides.  I remember the first time I sat down in my hairstylist’s chair.  She’s a super cool girl from Brooklyn and I could just tell by the barely noticeable eye roll that she had pegged me as just another girl from the West Side by merely taking in my fresh face, designer bag, and simple tank dress.  After speaking with her for fifteen minutes, her initial impression of me was completely forgotten and I won’t let anyone else touch my hair with his or her scissors.

I like to take something classic and turn it into something unexpected by giving it some edge or “dumbing it down.”  Anything too obvious makes me uncomfortable.  Predictable scares me and boring is the end of my existence.  If it’s too pretty, I add something ugly.  I used to always wear my glasses with anything bodycon… until that became an ironic trend.  Now I just deal with my less than perfect vision by forgoing my spectacles.  Even the prettiest of cocktail dresses can morph like a chameleon by swapping out strappy sandals for rugged boots, fussy hair for wild strands, tasteful jewels for “in your face” bling.  A little black dress that I thought would only come in handy for last minute cocktail party invites has fast become a closet staple.

kirsten smith

cross necklace bracelet

kirsten smith

motorcycle boots

kirsten smith

kirsten smithdress: Nightcap Clothing (long sleeve version), necklace: vintage (similar), bracelet: vintage necklace (similar), boots: Frye, bag: Expressions NYC (similar)



Why Did You Wear That: Hot Child in the City

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When I opted not to hop a flight to New Hampshire, I found that the city was essentially empty this past weekend.  It was like my own little Manhattan.  And while it sure is nice to have the sidewalks all to myself, it can also feel a little like the apocalypse.  Fortunately, a few friends also chose to stick around, so we made the best of our sticky and abandoned city. Roaming the streets with to-go cups (yes, we acted as if Manhattan was Cancun on spring break) and my own personal paparazzi, we kept ourselves more than a little entertained.

The only way to keep cool during hot July nights is with your hair as far off your back as possible, t-shirts with plenty of ventilation, and short shorts.  The boots may appear to be an odd choice, but with the unpredictability of downpours this past week, I’d had my sandals drenched and trekked through enough puddles posing as ponds to have learned my lesson.

atm machine

kirsten smith

t-shirt: UNIF Clothing (similar), shorts: American Apparel, boots: Frye, bag: Amrita Singh, bracelet: Chan Luu

kirsten smithThe heat is on.