Weekend Playlist: Guest DJ

By |June 4th, 2011|Guest Blogger, Weekend Playlist|

Like most, I had a Tuesday for a Monday this week (due to Memorial Day).  I initially thought, “Yay, no way will the start of this week blow like the others do!” But I was dead wrong.  I arrived at work with double the usual amount of work and attempted to make it through my day with RedBull alone.  Half way through the day I started up my iPod on my fav song and decided to let Genius do the rest.  A minute and a half into Le Blorr’s “Oh Christopher” I was smiling ear to ear.  I’d like to share this great mix in hopes that it can have the same effect on you fine people.  If I was a Von Trapp these songs would def be things I’d sing about.

  1. Bastard LoveChild of Rock and Roll- Oh Christopher
  2. Phantograms- Mouthful of Diamonds
  3. Fleetwood Mac- Gypsy
  4. Jonsi- Go Do
  5. Billie Holliday- The Way You Look Tonight
  6. M83- We Own the Sky
  7. Warpaint- Stars
  8. Donora- I Think I Like You
  9. Telepopmusik- Breathe
  10. YACHT- Psychic City (voodoo city)
  11. Ghostland Observatory- Give Me the Beat