Setting the Mood: The Days of Our Lives

By |December 2nd, 2013|Setting the Mood|

whydid blogThis week’s theme is going to be a little something called evolution.  And, no, not evolution in the Darwinian way because my father would disown me and besides, it’s much more romantic to believe we were specifically created rather than spawned from algae turned angiosperms.  What I’m talking about is the day to day changes that shape, create, and formulate the special little creatures who have become and who we will be.  I couldn’t have imagined what my day would be like one year ago, and I certainly couldn’t imagine what I would be doing right this moment five years ago when I started WhyDid.com (formerly WhyDidYouWearThat.com).  The way I dress today, let alone, the woman I am, is not something I could have predicted, but for better or worse it is exactly who I am- and for that I’m thankful.

whydid-must-haves-fashion-blogCapitol Couture by Trish Summerville Girl on Fire T-Shirt, Kotur Make Your Own Minaudiere Satin Clutch, By Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Eau de Parfum, Inez and Vinoodh Oxidized Silver Pearl Necklace


Who are you?




Why Did You Wear That: Thankful for Crop Tops

By |November 27th, 2013|Personal Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

kirsten smithIf I could wear this outfit or an iteration of it every single day, I probably would.  Basically, if I was a superhero, this would be my costume.  I’d have a closet full of the exact same thing just like Doug Funny.  I’m not exactly sure what kind of superhero or cartoon character I would be, but I think one of my superpowers would be being able to see private Instagram accounts.  To me this feels a little bit like a mixture between Pretty Woman and Cat Woman.

Yes, I’ve found another way to incorporate a crop top into my wardrobe, this being more of a “girls’ night out” version and probably not something that I’d be wearing post Thanksgiving dinner.  So I’ll just try and remember that when Thursday rolls around and there’s a plate full of food in front of my fat face.  But perhaps another one of my superpowers might be a super metabolism.


kirsten smith

kirsten smith


kirsten smith

kirsten smith

kirsten smithtop: American Apparel, skirt: Brandy Melville (similar here), socks: Stocking Girl (similar here), jacket: Andrew Marc (similar here), boots: Kelsi Dagger (similar here), bag: DIY (make yours here), necklace: vintage



photos by Catherine Sampietro

Look for Less: Dolce, Dolce, Dolce

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Remember the bag in last week’s outfit post?  Well, months and months (ie., about a year) ago, I spotted this adorable Dolce & Gabbana bag on net-a-porter.  What a delight!  Then I saw the price tag.  Hardly delightful coming in at a cool three grand.  So, in the infamous words of my mother I said, “I can make that.”  And that I did.  It took me a while to go about gathering up all of my supplies, but last week, I finally complete my mission and I am not one to boast, but I think it turned out pretty amazing… dare I say even better?  I love mine more than Dolce’s (sorry, Stefano) because it’s personalized with my own charms and oh yeah, it didn’t cost $3,000.

What you need:

Black Purse:

I recommend a bag that is not particularly thick so as to be able to stitch through it with limited cursing.

Thread, needle, scissors, needle threader

Charms and pins

What you do:

Thread the needle.

Attach charms one by one.

Continue attaching charms in pins until you end up with… 


And you may end up with a few pricks (no more than your average Friday night out), but the pay off is well worth the work. La dolce vita!



Beauty Buzz: I’m with the Band

By |January 19th, 2012|Beauty Buzz|

kiss bandWhen I was younger and I went shopping with my mom, I would pick out something and she would often say, “I can make that.”  At the time, it drove me totally insane.  Now that I’m just a little bit older, but a lot wiser, I realize that she was probably right.  I mean, I would come home from school and she would be refinishing the hardwood floors.  I still can’t figure out how she doesn’t have her own show on HGTV, but that’s not the point.

Somewhere, that lovely woman is smiling… cause I’m about to say those four magical words… I can make that.

Remember when I told you about Birchbox?  Well, in one of my first boxes, I received a hair tie from Twistband.  Loved it.  Til it started to fray at the ends… and until I saw the price tag- $10 for six.  In my opinion, that’s a bit pricey for hair ties, which like lipgloss, are destined to be lost in the depths of my purse or that place where socks go to die.  After inspecting the hair tie, I realized that it was quite simple, so I headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics and bought myself two yards of 1/4″ black elastic.  You know how much it cost?  $2.37.

$2.37 / 6 = $0.40

Now, I’m no finance major, but I’m fairly certain that’s what you’d call a “bargain.”  Below I will show you how to make these awesome hair friendly ties yourself for a fraction of the cost… unless, of course, you have money to burn.


  • 2 yards of 1/4″ elastic
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • lighter
  • hair to be tied

Measure a 12″ piece of elastic and then cut (you could make them smaller depending on how tiny your wrists are and how much extra elastic you’d like on the ends).  


 A little something I learned in ballet class (other than a perfect pirouette) is how to singe the ends of elastic and ribbons to keep them from fraying.  Do NOT light it on fire, just hold the flame close enough to create a solid edge. 

Looks as good on your head as it does on your hand!  Now that’s fit to be tied.



Gift Guide: My Fair Maidens

By |January 10th, 2012|Gift Guide|

Some day you may meet a handsome, kind gentleman who will ask for your hand in marriage.  And while you may think that meeting the man of your dreams was the hardest part, buckle up baby- wedding planning is a whole new kind of stressful.

One of the easiest parts should be asking your best pals to stand by your side during your special day… but well, sometimes that part is difficult too.  Anyway, once you’ve decided who, you should decide how?  You can’t just text your friends to pop the question, afterall.  I’ve had friends send scavenger hunts, and awful dresses to be photographed in.  Brides to be are getting more and more creative in their “Will you?” presentations.

One of my favorite approaches is a gift bag chocked full of bridesmaid essentials.  Be sure to show them how much they really mean to you by putting together a gift bag with special items that may come in handy either during or before your impending nuptials.  Perhaps if your wedding is that of the destination type or even a “surprise” destination, use this as an opportunity to provide clues.  While you may be thinking, “Gosh, this is pricey,” don’t forget how much money your best gal pals will have to dish out for showers, and bachelorette parties, and dresses, oh my!  You’ve been a bridesmaid a time or two… remember?

All the essentials (similar to what is shown above):

Going to the chapel…