The List Volume LXXI

By |April 27th, 2012|The List|

greener grassYou know what they say, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”  I’d say this most commonly refers to relationships seeing as when we are in one, we’re curious about what else is out there.  When we aren’t in one, we’re desperately trying to settle down and settle in.  The upsides of being in a relationship are quite clear, but what about all the perks that come with rolling solo?  It’s not such a bad thing, after all.

Ten things that do NOT suck about being single:

  1. It’s very difficult to argue with yourself.  (Though it can be done).
  2. The toilet seat is always in the correct position and there’s no longer the chance of falling in during a middle of the night tinkle break.
  3. I don’t care.  I do what I want!
  4. You can watch whatever the hell you want (whenever you want).  Golden GirlsGossip Girls?  It’s your world, girl.
  5. Oh bikini waxes?  Sorry.
  6. Do you know how good it feels to stretch out horizontally across your bed?
  7. You are no longer at risk of morning sex.
  8. The only person’s shit you have to clean up is your own (okay, and maybe your dog’s).
  9. You will not get fat from eating things that boys like to eat.  Hello, Lean Cuisine!
  10. Girls’ night every night.

And while you may only be single temporarily, enjoy it.  Cause it’s only a matter of time before someone is crowding your space, stealing your covers, and breathing in your face.




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Beauty Buzz: Tough as Nails

By |December 9th, 2010|Beauty Buzz|

I’ve mentioned once or twice that I have a heck of a time keeping any form of polish on my fingers. I have now been told that I may have “oily nailbeds.” Thanks, life. Dry skin and oily nailbeds. Anyway, I’ve tried Minx. I’ve tried OPI axxium.  I’ve spent weeks sans polish. So, when I went online to schedule my Brazilian last week, I was elated to see that bliss was now offering CND Shellac manicures! The sky then opened up and angels came down and serenaded me.

The problem with some of the gel manicures is that they are just as damaging as getting… gasp… acrylic nails. They may stay on and look shiny, but when it comes time to remove, there’s a lot of scraping, filing, and peeling done that leaves your nails week and paper thin.  When picking a gel manicure make sure that you ask if the gel will SOAK OFF. Otherwise, you may as well start picking out air brush art to go on your acrylics.

After experiencing the joy that is a Brazilian, I headed over to pamper my poor neglected little fingers. I mean, there is nothing worse than chipped nails when sporting your pretty diamond engagement bling. The lovely and talented Brandy fixed my fingers up in no time. She assured me that these puppies would last at least two weeks with no chips. The best part (other than the great convo and delicious mimosa) was the zero drying time. I still babied my fingers as if they might smudge, but they didn’t. It’s been about a week already and there is not a chip in sight (knock on wood).

bliss Hollywood

6250 Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood, CA 90028

If you don’t have a bliss near you- well, first of all I’m sorry- but here is a list of salons that offer CND Shellac manicures.

chip off the old block, eh?