Gift Guide: By the Numbers

By |December 20th, 2011|Gift Guide|

We’re down to the wire, people.  If you still have a few folks left on your list, chances are that you’ve either already spent all of your money on everyone else, or you were saving the best for last (wink, wink).  Whatever the case may be, it can be completely overwhelming to walk into a crowded department store, let alone the internet, full of so much stuff that you don’t know where to even begin.  So, if you’ve got a strict budget to follow, or you’re just cheap, I have sorted out some fun and festive last minute gifts that you can scoop up and save yourself from the surname of Scrooge.  This will save you the trouble of picking out something that you can’t (or don’t want to) afford.  You’re welcome.  Consider this my gift to you.


1. Cry About It Bandages, $7, 2. bumble and bumble Pin Tin, $15, 3. MoMA Design Store Cubes Perpetual Calendar, $15, 4. Voluspa Boxed Votive in Crisp Champagne, $7, 5. Banksy Notecard Box, $15.95,  6. philosophy Marshmallows for Toasting, $16, 7. The Modern Cocktail Champagne Topper, $9.99, 8. Salt&Pepper Bank, Oinks! Millions in the Making, $12.99, 9. Archie Grand for J. Crew Blogs Notebook, $10

 1. Monopoly Sephora Edition, $23.25, 2. D.L. & Co. Naughty/Nice Journal, $40, 3. Sonia Kashuk Silver Holiday 6pc. Brust Set, $22.99, 4. Stila Music’s Biggest Night Makeup Player, $50, 5. Bike Navigation System iPhone Case, $45, 6. Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer, $24.99, 7. Fresh Mini Sugar Kissing Trio, $28, 8. Bodum Eileen 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker, $49.95, 9. Stott Pilates Eco-Friendly Mat, $44.99

1. Balenciaga L’Essence Candle, $65, 2. Michael Kors Textured Leather Passport Holder, $60, 3. Minnetonka Softsole Sheepskin Moccasins, $67, 4. Alexander McQueen Enamel Skull Key Ring, $95, 5. Gaga’s Workshop x Barney’s Diamond Teacup, $65, 6. Jonathan Adler Carnaby Porcelain Hollywood Coasters, $68, 7.  Cynthia Vincent for Piperlime Pouch, $58.99, 8. Club Monaco Michelle Beret, $60, 9. Rebecca Minkoff Set of 2 Best Friends iPhone Covers, $68,



1. Jennifer Meyer Gold ‘Love You’ Bracelet, $600, 2. Lounge Lover Travel Babe Modal and Cashmere Lounge Set, $475, 3. Portolano Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves, $125, 4. Jonathan Adler Needlepoint Backgammon Game, $295, 5. Bobbi Brown Fall 2012 Beauty Trunk, $1,000, 6. D.L. & Co. Rotten Luck Dice, $209, 7. Balenciaga Classic Skinny Leash, $275, 8. Jimmy Choo Teddy Glitter Finished Leather Luggage Tag, $195, 9. CC Home Furnishings 4 Person Eco Friendly Picnic Basket, $156.99,

Get your shopping done so you can get to what’s really important.  Eggnog.





Why Don’t You Do What You Love?

By |August 9th, 2011|WhyDid Wisdom|

Recently, I finished a really great book called The Paris Wife (by Paula McLain).  And while you probably think this is going to be a painfully dull book review, it’s not… although if you’re looking for a great end of summer read, I certainly suggest that one.  Without digressing too far, the book is basically written from the point of view of Ernest Hemingway’s first wife, Hadley Richardson.  It chronicles the early years in Paris where he penned one of his more notable novels (though there are many), The Sun Also Rises.  During the 1920’s,  those considered to be “interesting” were living in Paris.  Some hypothesize it had something to do with the exchange rate, but others insist that this was a place where writers and artists alike could be creative.

After finishing this book, it became very clear to me that things have certainly changed since then.  Some for the better, but one thing very much for the worst.  While as a society, we’ve evolved in terms of technology and modern conveniences but, we’ve managed to slip backwards in regards to the arts.  Sure, there are people who call themselves “artists”, but it seems to me that most people doing whatever it is that they do, are doing it for the money rather than the actual passion that should propel the craft and that comes across in the final product.

Instead of making something truly authentic, people make what will appeal to the masses.  They create what will be considered commercially acceptable and will bring in the most cash.  They’d rather sell records and hit sales levels than break ground and be true to his or her talent.  Sure, I like to bust a move along to a poppy Katy Perry tune, but can we really call that art?  What happened to real bands that play real instruments and don’t rely so heavily on autotune?  When’s the last time you saw a painting by someone currently living that truly moved you?  Banksy is cool, but is graffiti really comparable to canvas?

When I talk to friends, it seems we are all stuck somewhere in between doing what we love and doing what will pay the rent/mortgage/Louboutins.  I feel quite certain that this has a lot to do with why there is a disappearance of people dedicated to doing what they love.  It appears our generation has no soul.  We’re driven by money and “stuff.”  I’m not saying that we all need to be a bunch of emo hipsters, but I do think it wouldn’t hurt to “gut check” from time to time to make sure we’re all living lives that feel authentic.

Don’t do it for the fame.  The money.  The glory.




Photos via Hemingway’s Paris