WhyDid’s Words: Imaginary Ghosts

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I put down my last bag in the middle of the wooden planked floor.  I still didn’t know where all the light switches were, so the moonlight provided some assistance in seeing.  I took a moment to take it in.  After a a sigh half of relief half reality setting in, I took from my canvas grocery bag the little bottle of prosecco my girlfriend had given me with the instructions not to open it until the time was right– and I would know when that time was.

I took it with me to the roof, not bothering with a glass.  I wouldn’t have been able to locate one anyway.  It was a foggy October night.  Cold enough for a sweater, not yet a jacket.  I stared across the East River at Manhattan, barely glittering in the evening haze.  You’d warned me that you wouldn’t be around this month.  I tried not to take it personally, but I’d be lying if I hadn’t hoped that you’d be a beautiful surprise.    There for me when I’d needed a word of encouragement, a reason to push through when I was exhausted.

I made the move all on my own.  I moved everything I’d lived with for the last four and a half years across the bridge in hopes that once things settled, you’d be a part of this new adventure.  This new home.  This next chapter.

It’s funny how a home can be haunted by ghosts who never lived there.  Deceased memories of moments that never even happened.  Deaths of “could’ve been.”

But you never showed up.  I don’t think you even asked how the move went or if I needed any help.  So, when a real ghost came back to haunt me, I let him back in.  He asked how I was every morning.  Told me goodnight every evening.  He came without me having to call.  A ghost took your place, but you’ve never stopped haunting me.

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WhyDid’s Week, February

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unnamed (12) Looking back, I never should have looked back.

What in the Actual F*ck: What’s Your Number?

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“See, there it is again.”


“The three’s!”

He laughed and grabbed me by the waist.  “I think it’s all in your head.  You just notice it now because you’re thinking about it.”

“You think?  You think it’s like the chicken and the egg?”


“You’ll see.”

And he did.

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(Editor’s note: the time stamp of this text… )

So what does it mean when you keep seeing the same numbers?

It is said these are “angel numbers” and there is a message that you should be open to receiving.

There are many opinions. Some fairly straightforward, others much more involved.

In any case, it’s time to tune in and explore. Which do  you see over and over?

WhyDid’s Week, February 19

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greenpoint brooklyn window

Lost moments

Maybe laters

Easy routes

Whatever caters

I look to you

You look away

I think to myself

Another day

But that’s the thing

A painful fact

All we have is now to act

A missed sunset

A canceled plan

I say again,

“Hold my hand.”

WhyDid’s Words: Love’s Cliché

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“When can I see you?”

“Soon,” I said, “but not Tuesday.”

“Why not Tuesday?”
“It’s Valentine’s Day.”
“Do you have plans?”
“No, that’s the whole point.”
He laughed, brushed the hair back from my face, kissed my cheek. “Okay, bella. Not Tuesday. How is Thursday?”
He laughed again.  “For such a hopeless romantic, you are certainly opposed to the one day of the year dedicated to love.”
“It’s a cliché.  Besides, all true romantics know that everyday is just as dedicated to love as the next.  Just send me some roses.”
“No, bella.  Roses are too cliché for a love as unique as this.”

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