wordpress admin pageAbout a week ago, I stopped posting on WhyDid.  I just was not feeling the least bit inspired and rather than spam your feeds with insincere, lackluster, and subpar content, I gave myself a little bit of a mental break.  I felt as if I was at a turning point trying to decide whether or not I even wanted to keep blogging.  I love writing, but being the sensitive creative person that I am (read: spazz), I find it difficult to separate blogging with actual writing.  One always distracts me from the other.  And while I’m already 26,000 words into my first novel, that only equates to half and I haven’t touched it since my cross-country exodus.  Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t feel free when I got up in the morning and had time to do all the other things that I typically get distracted from when I’m crafting up snarky quality content for WhyDid.  Anyone who thinks blogging is “easy” needs to go ahead and try it.

When I was hanging out with some friends this past Saturday and we went to go watch one of my last How To Tuesday videos, the site frankly told us, “No Posts Match Your Search.”  Oh, perfect.  I couldn’t really deal with the issue at that particular moment because, 1). I wasn’t home, and 2). it was Smitty’s birthday.  After receiving a few more texts from friends and one very frantic one from my father regarding the disappearance of WhyDid, I had to delve deeper into this mysterious blackhole that had apparently sucked in my blog.  That’s when I logged into WordPress only to see the above photograph (screen shot).  Nearly four years and 1,120 posts gone.  Completely gone.  Was this WhyDid outage a sign that I should just quit blogging?  Oh stop it, Kirsten.  Don’t be so dramatic.

Speaking of dramatic, many were concerned about my well being.  As in like I deleted my blog and flung myself out the window.  Come on, I live on the third floor of my building.  At most I would have chipped a nail and minorly injured myself only adding to my heap of quickly amassing problems.  What problems, you ask?  Well, in the midst of all of this, I managed to leave my wallet in the back of a cab, the laundry I had so tediously separated into “wash and fold” and “dry cleaning” was all tossed into the same commercial strength machines, and shall we even get into the dating sitch?  Yeah, no.  So, needless to say, maybe flinging myself out the window might not have seemed so ridiculous afterall.  However, I managed to keep some kind of crazy zen like calm throughout one disaster to the next.  Not a single tear was shed, though there may have been a few glasses of wine.  A friend even commented that she had no idea how I’d been able to attend a one year old’s birthday party and socialize without letting on the slightest hint of stress.  My answer?  What was I supposed to do?  I very recently read a quote that said, “If you can’t control a situation, don’t.”  How simple is that?

I still have no idea what exactly happened, but the good news is this:  With the help of my dear tech savvy friend and a few painful calls to GoDaddy, WhyDid is back up and running.  And boy did I miss you guys.  I guess absence does, in fact, make the heart grow fonder.




P.S. thank you all so much for the sweet messages and for all of your patience.  You’re the reason I write.