taxi cabsI know you’d expect me to come in with guns blazing for this week’s edition of The List.  And while it would be fairly simple to stick to a straight up original ten point list (all things considered), let’s see if I can’t somehow spin all that negativity into something even the slightest bit positive.

fighting for a taxi

  1. The blame game.
  2. Thinking you’ve made the biggest designer shoe score EVER only to realize the box was mislabeled and you don’t actually wear a size 5.5.
  3. Finding makeup on a pillow (not to mention the sham!) that is so clearly not yours because you don’t wear the shade called, “Creamsicle” or “Oompa Loompa.”
  4. People using fancy words in hopes of sounding smarter, but instead confusing words as simple as “lair” and “layer.”  Oops.
  5. Having too many plans.
catching a cab
  1. Having too many plans.
  2. Knowing how to walk properly on a sidewalk.
  3. Getting all of your fall shoes and boots re-heeled fully knowing you’re about to rip them all right back off the moment you step foot on a subway grate.
  4. The look on the delivery man’s face when answering the door in a robe.
  5. Having friends, family, and loyal readers who love and support you through those tough times when you just feel like throwing in the towel.

You may have noticed I went ahead and left off “leaving wallet in taxi” and “site outages” because, well, we already know those suck.  So, have a great weekend