dancing on the table

I’ve talked before about needing the right music on while I’m working.  I can not have a TV on or someone talking to me when I’m trying to write, so it’s a very delicate balance as to what I can listen to.  It also depends what I’m working on. For instance, when I’m going deep and dark, I need something more moody.  For some less intense (but equally entertaining) writing, I need my playlist to be a bit more upbeat, but not bubble gum pop.  Again… very delicate balance.  If it’s too good, I’m liable to get up and dance on the coffee table, yet I’d still like to sway in my seat.  I created this playlist specifically for such occasion, but have not stopped listening to it since.

new music




Sorry for the wonky playlist screenshot, but I couldn’t get my Spotify “play button” to work and will update for your listening pleasure as soon as I do.