clocks for different time zones
I mean, I guess better late than never, right?  It’s only 8:45 in California… and even earlier in Hawaii.  So just pretend you’re drinking a mai tai in Maui and pretend I posted on time… shh…

snooze button

  1. The phrase, “right meow.”  I don’t know who started it, but it must stop.
  2. Picking the one stall with no toilet paper.
  3. Pulling your hair up into the perfect messy mess and having one piece hanging down in a “rat tail.”
  4. Flying hungover.  Not good.  Anyone who’s been to Vegas can vouch, I’m sure.
  5. Getting the chatty cab driver.  In the words of the oh so eloquent Rihanna, “Shut up and drive.”

sun dial

  1. Solo underwear dance parties.
  2. If one dog is good, three dogs are better.
  3. Learning to love your natural hair color.
  4. Chloe Moretz.
  5. Screaming at the very top of your lungs.  Pillow or no pillow.

I promise to be on time next week… maybe.