Sundays for me are meant for relaxing and doing some work to get a head start on the week.  On Sunday evenings, I often sit and write and just let my brain wander.  Sometimes when I write I need to get in the mood.  Usually that requires me to get a little big moody and emotional.  When I look around at our cute little house, pretty garden, and furry animals, it’s hard to feel dark and brooding.  So, I put on some music that stirs up emotion and at times takes me back to painful memories or makes me think about what they’re singing and how that would feel.  Depressing, right?  Well, I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful in the creative process. (And, no, I don’t typically write in full hair and makeup).

  1. Fiona Apple – Criminal
  2. Mary J. Blige – I’m Going Down
  3. Brian McKnight – Anytime
  4. Christina Aguilera – You Lost Me
  5. The Pretty Reckless – Nothing Left to Lose
  6. Lenny Kravitz – Can’t Get You Off Of My Mind
  7. NIN – Hurt
  8. Adele – Someone Like You
  9. Eddie Vedder – Longing to Belong
  10. Portishead – Sour Times