rock and rollI’ve said before that I actually might have been a rockstar in a past life.  Maybe I even missed my calling… except for the fact that I’m tone deaf and lacking any and all musical talent.  So, scratch that.  Doesn’t mean I can’t channel my inner rock goddess in the form of fashion.  I mean, we all know that fashion and music go hand in hand (leather and lace).  Being a rockstar doesn’t necessarily mean decking yourself out in head to toe leather- though I’m not opposed to such… shall we talk about my sophomore year of highschool homecoming dress?  Adding an edgier item to any ensemble can take you from Miley Cyrus to Pat Benatar.

Rock and roll may have died with Nirvana, but the style lives on.

rock and roll style

  Ash Tokyo Biker Boot, $450MiH Jeans Fringed Shearling and Suede Gillet, $945Alice + Olivia Front Zip Leather Leggings, $697Pamela Love Silver and Wooden Dagger Necklace, $210


So go ahead and party like a rockstar, unless that includes snorting ants.  Then I’m out.