lady gaga no pants

We get it.  You’re Lady Gaga, but what say you we put on some pants?  A leotard on stage or at aerobics class is one thing (I mean, ask Beyonce- girl can work a leotard).  I get that these post Jazzercise get ups that Gaga has been donning as of late are vast improvements from the days of the hair dress and pearl body paint, but come on, put your pants on, Lady!

To say I have never worn a leotard out somewhere other than dance class would be a complete and utter lie, but I wear them with … pants.  And you can bet your ass I’m wearing a leotard as I type this.  It’s something I’m trying out.  It’s called “method writing.”  I’m just hoping that one of these days, Ms. Gaga will consider joining the rest of us in the good ol’ fashion tradition of wearing pants.

What do you think about Lady G’s pantless party?