miss travelIt seems like there are dating sites for just about anything these days.  They have sites dedicated to everyone from Christians to Jews to those who are married.  If you’ve got a specific interest, there’s a site for it.  That is why it is no surprise at all that a new “dating site” called Miss Travel has popped up.  Basically, this site is for “attractive” women to get hooked up with “generous” travelers in search of travel companions.  Now, wealthy gentlemen looking for pretty young things is nothing new… hello, Millionaire Matchmaker??  And remember that whole “cash for class” college scheme?  I’m just wondering where exactly we draw the line?  There’s a very fine line between pay to play and possible prostitution.

I mean, I’m in need of a vacation pretty badly, but uh… I think I’ll keep saving my pennies til I can take myself.  So what do you think?  Would you try out Miss Travel?

Bon voyage!