Do you have one of those outfits that you always gravitate to when you’re in a rush and need to look nice?  Well, this is one of mine.  As a matter of fact, when plans for shooting the original outfit fell through (thanks a lot temperamental weather), I decided, instead, to shoot this one.  I love it because it’s so easy… not to mention comfortable.  Let’s be serious, I’m essentially wearing a nightshirt.  Not my grandpa’s nightshirt, but close enough.  I also realize now that I’m taking a moment to look at it that it has a slight scallywag feel to it, but as mentioned- I love seamen.

A long loose feminine blouse, soft velvet leggings, and boots with a bow make for an easy, yet pulled together look.  I obviously wouldn’t wear velvet leggings in say, July, but for fall, they are one of my favorites.  And because I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t say it, “Leggings are not pants.”

1. Malene Birger Jace Ruffled Georgette Blouse, $325, 2. Top Shop Velvet Leggings, $45, 3. Z Spoke by Zac Posen Mini Crossbody, $295, 4. DKNYC Wynette Bootie, $179

Get to it.