This week’s list is a little different.  I’ve decided to not just complain, but also teach a lesson while complaining (multitasking).  A lesson in vocabulary.  You see, there’s not a day that goes by that I hear someone say something so dumb, trite, or played out that it makes me cringe with sheer secondhand embarrassment.  This is usually as simple as scrolling through my Facebook feed.

Since I love all my WhyDid readers nearly as much as I love Friday afternoons, here are ten things that you need to remove from your vocabulary immediately (if not sooner):

  1. “WINNING!”  It was funny for the first two or three days of Charlie Sheen’s delusion filled rants, but now you just sound like a washed up has been…
  2. “Sigh” “Le sigh” Any variation of air leaving the body.
  3. “Just saying…” I was an early adopter of this phrase.  I really loved it… two years ago.  Now everyone seems to tag it onto the end of every sentence for maximum impact, but here’s the thing: we know you’re “just saying” because you JUST SAID IT.
  4. “Hit me up” I’m not even sure what that means.
  5. “Sunday Funday” Just because it rhymes doesn’t make it cute.  Boozeday Tuesday? Highday Friday? Didn’t think so.
  6. “Nuts-o” “Dunz-o” Anything-o.  Adding an “o” to the end of words sucks-o.
  7. “Fashionista” With exception to the website.
  8. “I’m straight.” That’s wonderful, but I asked how you were doing.
  9. “Literally” People misuse this bad boy all the time.  Literally means actually; without exaggeration or inaccuracy.
  10. “Guru” “expert” “maven” Chances are if you refer to yourself as one of these… you aren’t.
  11. *A late addition: “Curate” or any adaptation of…

Choose your words wisely and always remember, “silence hath more eloquence than speech.”