While shopping for my mom’s birthday present this past weekend (Happy Birthday, mom!) at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, we stopped by a jewelry store (like mother, like daughter).  While there, I asked to have my earrings and ring cleaned.  The diamond decked woman took my precious stones and started shining them up.  When she returned, she informed me that she had found a loose stone in my ring and she would need to keep it to have the jeweler tighten it.  Initial feeling: Phew! Glad she found it!  Feeling of realization: Dang it! I’m going to have to go without my ring for a week.  What’s my little naked finger going to do?

To avoid any type of “tabloid scandal” or socially controversial questions as to the whereabouts of my ring (Okay, I know I’m no Bennifer, but whatevs), I decided to have a little fun and dress up my ring finger with not one, but two sparkly substitutes.  The first ring is a giant pink sapphire that I bought myself several years ago and the other is my grandmother’s ring (blue topaz) that she gave to my mom when she was my age.  It was a little different at first, but I got used to it and people really loved what I had going on.

Moral of the story?  Here’s a situation when two may actually be better than one.  Stack some cocktail rings on your fingers next time you’re heading out and want a little extra shimmer at the tips of your fingers.